Your Next Steps | Interview, Enrolment and Welcome Day Information

Information surrounding post-GCSE results advice and enrolment will be regularly communicated, as well as being updated and displayed on this page where applicable. Please use the menu below to find the information you need.

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What happens after I apply?

Once your application has been submitted our admissions team will complete some data checks including checking that you meet the published entry criteria for your chosen subject.

For most programmes you will then receive an email inviting you to log back into your account to book your telephone interview. If you have applied for Music or Performing Arts we will email you with a date and for an audition.

Please check your emails as all communication will be sent by this method.

What happens at my telephone interview?

You will be asked to book a pre-arranged timeslot and you will need to be ready to answer your phones between the times stated. The call will come from either an 01206 number or it might show as withheld or unknown.

The interview is designed to let out teaching staff find out about you and your interest in the course. To prepare you might want to think about what you enjoy doing, why you have applied for this course, what subjects you expect to do well in (if you are still at school/college) and how you will manage your revision in readiness for any exams.

How will I know if have been offered a place?

Once you have had your interview / audition we will email you to let you know if you have an offer. Offers will be subject to you meeting the published entry requirements of the chosen programme, once GCSE results have been published and provided to the College.

If you are not offered a place on your chosen programme, we will do our best to support you in finding an appropriate alternative.

Got another question?

For any further questions relating to the post-application process please see our application and enrolment FAQ.

If your chosen course involves contact with children or vulnerable adults, you will be asked to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check once you are enrolled.

In September, the Admissions team will send you a link to eSafeguarding, which is an online DBS checking service where you must complete your DBS check. The DBS check costs approximately £50. For students with an identified low household income, there may be financial support available. For further information on our student bursary, please click here:

Student Finance

Applicants should not complete a DBS Check until they are enrolled on their chosen course and receive communication from the College on how to do this.

Welcome and Induction Days

Welcome and Induction Days are designed to give applicants a brief taster of what it will be like to be a student at the College. We keep this page regularly updated for applicants and parents/carers throughout the year and further information will be posted on here as we head further into the application cycle.

When is my Welcome and Induction Day?

In most cases you will be invited come to College for one day on either Monday 4th or Tuesday 5th July 2022* to attend a welcome and Induction Day. These are important for you to attend to start your induction and find out more about your programme of study.

Keep checking your emails as we will send out more information about this, and other updates, throughout the year.

*Due to large numbers, in the areas of Science and Health and Social Care this might be Friday 1st July 2022.

Invitations are now being posted to applicants so please look out for these when they arrive, these will be delayed a bit by the Jubilee long weekend, but to help your planning the days for each course can be found on our website HERE:

Colchester Welcome and Induction Days

Braintree Welcome and Induction Days

One of the most exciting – and scary – days of all is when you receive your exam results.

Learners studying GCSEs will receive their results on Thursday 25th August 2022.

For learners looking to study a qualification with an A-level pre-requisite with us, the results day for A Level exams is on Thursday 18th August 2022.

August Advice Days

In August, our advice sessions will be available for those who have applied to start but wish to change their course choice, or are looking to start a full-time further education course with us in September 2022. These will take place from GCSE Results Day on Thursday 25th August 2022, at both our Colchester and Braintree campuses.

Learners who have already made an application to start a full-time course with us this September must follow the current and next steps for your enrolment. You can find out more about the current enrolment step in the link below.

Enrolment Information 2022

All communications regarding enrolment are sent to the email address used throughout the application process. It is essential that all applicants are able to access their emails easily, and that they are checking them regularly.

Please note: In previous years we have found that some Colchester Institute emails went into spam or other email folders, to avoid this, applicants are advised to add us to their contact list and to keep checking spam folders. This is particularly the case for Gmail, Outlook, iCloud and Hotmail.

We know that enrolment can be an anxious time for some, and there will be staff from our admissions team on hand to help throughout, either by phone on 01206 712777, email at or our online chat function. We don’t close over the summer.

Enrolment is made up of a few different steps, but for the vast majority of applicants it is quite straightforward.

Confirmation of a new student’s first day at college will be notified to them by email, along with any required kit or equipment needed. Term starts on Wednesday 7th September 2022, but start dates are staggered across the Wednesday and Thursday of that week. You will receive your actual start date and first day information shortly after your enrolment has been completed – so look out for the information when it comes.


We look forward to welcoming students to the College from Wednesday 7th September onwards. Please keep checking your emails for information about when your first day will be. For Further Education students, this will be no earlier than Wednesday 7th September 2022.