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Alison Andreas

Choosing the right place to study for your degree is one of the biggest decisions you will make. There are many institutions to choose from, so it is important we explain what sets University Centre Colchester aside from the rest…

At University Centre Colchester, we think and work differently.

Small class sizes: You will benefit from small class sizes of just 15-25 students. University lectures that contain dozens (sometimes hundreds) of students are impersonal. Our student groups are personal, encourage your participation and ensure you have valuable contact time with your tutors.

One-to-one contact time: We believe your interaction with your tutor is paramount to your success. They will know you by face and name, and be available to assist you in and outside the classroom.

Employability: We don’t want to prepare you for a job you like, we want to prepare you for a career you’ll love! Our University Centre Colchester programmes are focused on industry skills and technical knowledge, maximising your employability and potential success. We work closely with local and national employers to give you the valuable experience and that all-important boost when it is time to apply for jobs.

Hybrid Learning: We have devised a flexible teaching and learning provision for all of our programmes. There will be a mixture of on-campus and some online delivery to supplement in-person teaching.

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