Check the status of your Online Application

Checking the status of your application

If you wish to check the status of your course application then please click on the button below. You can also view all associated email and SMS correspondence sent to you as part of the application process.

If you wish to amend any of the information within your course application, or if you have changed your mind and you would like to apply for a different course, please contact us directly.

Call us on: 01206 712777 or email us on

Confirming your ID

If you have landed on this page looking for the link to upload your ID photo please click here for further instructions:

Troubleshooting FAQ

Are you struggling to log in to your account for your application to Colchester Institute?

Are you using your username?

You must make sure you log in using your username and not your full email address or telephone number. You will have received an email when you created your account confirming your username.

Have you tried resetting your password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this by pressing the ‘Forgot your password’ link. This will send a web link to the email address you have provided for your account.

Is your date of birth wrong?

When you are trying to reset your password, is it saying that your date of birth is incorrect? This may be because you have put the wrong date of birth on your application form. Call us on 01206 712777 and we can check your date of birth on the system and change this if necessary.

Is nothing showing on the screen when you log in to your account?

This may be because you have not submitted your application fully. If you have created your account but not filled in an application form, you must go through the website to the course that you would like to do and click the ‘Apply Online for…’ button. Log in here, and then fill in your application. Make sure you press ‘submit’ on the final review page.

Are you trying to log in using your iPhone or iPad?

If you are trying to log in using an apple device with old IOS software, you will not be able to log in. Please try again using a computer or laptop, and if you are still unable to log in please read the other steps listed above.

Have you applied more than once?

Sometimes, if you apply for more than one course it can confuse the system because you have more than one username. Please contact the college and we will check your username for you.

If you have read through all of these steps and you are still struggling to log in to your account, please call us on 01206 712777 or by email, using the contact details in previous communication.