Online Payments

The most secure and efficient method of payment is online, using the Colchester Institute Online Store (OLS).

We accept:

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Dependant on your card provider the system may ask for additional information in line with 3D secure requirements, this gives you an added layer of security when paying online.

All payments are made in GBP Sterling (£).

Products and services available

The below services have been organised into boxes to assist your navigation through to the OLS. Please click the links inside these boxes to be taken to the appropriate page.

Who can make a payment?

Anyone who is known to you and who you trust to pay on your behalf.

What will they need?

  • Your student/staff ID number (found on your lanyard)
  • Full name
  • Date of birth (DOB)
  • Email address

Any additional requirements will be highlighted with an asterisk (*) inside these boxes:

Trips and Shows
Library Fines and Charges
Travel and Parking


  • Bus passes
  • On-site parking*
  • EV charging
  • *You will also need: approval from Facilities (please contact:

    CH&FS and Counselling Services
    Staff Payments


  • Staff Association*
  • Other staff payments*
  • *You only need: staff ID number

    Refund Information


  • Refunds request*
  • *You will also need: OLS CI number (order number)

    Commercial and Professional Courses

    Please click here for more information: Short courses