How do I hire an apprentice?

We suggest that you consider the following points when deciding whether an apprenticeship is best for your organisation:

  • Where is there a need for additional resource in your organisation?
  • Who will be the mentor for your apprentice?
  • Will you need to invest in any extra facilities to accommodate your apprentice?
  1. Choose an apprenticeship
    In order to help you identify which areas of your business would benefit most from hiring an Apprentice, a full list of the Apprenticeship programmes offered by CI Business Solutions for each industry sector can be found here. You can also find our Apprenticeship programmes using the GOV.UK Find Apprenticeship Training.
  2. Contact us
    Contact our Business Solutions Team on 01206 712727 or email to talk through your requirements. Through our free recruitment service, our team of experienced Apprenticeship Advisors will then assess your individual requirements and advise you of the best way to progress with hiring an apprentice.
  3. Recruitment
    Our Business Solutions team will work with you to recruit an Apprentice to your business, advertising the vacancy and managing applications, as well as providing a dedicated account manager and personal 1:1 advice and guidance on apprenticeships.
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