Colchester Institute recognised for reducing carbon footprint

Colchester Institute’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint has been recognised after having been certified Bronze by the Future Net Zero Standard accreditation due to making a 15% saving in carbon emissions in the year to July 2022. 

The reduction in carbon emissions is the equivalent of 51 cars off the road per year.

The College recognises the importance of making a full and lasting commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our activities, in support of the wider commitment of the world to limit global temperature increases and their impact on the planet.

Future Net Zero Standard Bronze Certified

As a signatory member of the Network Net Zero Community Colchester Institute committed to the following:

  1. For our company to achieve Net Zero in line with the Science Based targets set out by the UNFCCC i.e. to achieve Net Zero no later than 2050 and target a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030.
  2.  To set realistic short and long-term targets that are designed to achieve our Net Zero commitments.
  3.  To report the total Greenhouse Gas emissions of our business regularly and for our performance to be part of the Community’s annual reporting back to the UNFCCC.

As part of the College’s plan (including short-term targets) to reduce carbon footprint and achieve net zero several actions are taking place in 2023, including the installation of hundreds of Solar Panels across both Colchester and Braintree Campuses, the upgrade and replacement of older lighting systems to LED and the replacement of 3 fossil fuel boilers with Air Source Heat Pumps.