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We aim to provide a welcoming environment in which you are encouraged to realise your full potential and where every individual is valued and offered equal opportunity to progress.

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Welfare and Student Support

We know that there might be times during your studies when you need someone to talk to, or you may have concerns that you need some support with – our welfare team is on hand to help.

We offer a free counselling service to all our students.

Counselling can offer support with a wide range of personal issues, including difficulties with anxiety, family problems, or personal relationships. We also hold lists of local health and support services so that if we can’t help, we can direct you to a specialist service that can.

Disability and Learning Support

We pride ourselves on the support provided to students with additional needs. Our dedicated team is on hand to support you throughout your time with us. If you have a disability and/or learning difficulty it is important that you notify us at the outset, by indicating this on your UCAS application form. This way, the right support can be put in place to help you make the most of your studies.

We understand that your learning support needs can change at any point during your studies. If you feel you need additional learning support at any time, please contact us at University Centre Colchester Academic Services –

Careers Advice

Our aim is for you to become a successful and employable graduate. Planning a route for your career journey is essential and we proactively offer opportunities for you to develop the skills and knowledge you require to succeed in your ambitions.

We have high expectations of your ability to progress and achieve your goals. Above all, we are committed to supporting you in developing and managing your career aspirations during your time with us. Whether you plan to progress into postgraduate study, employment, professional training, a portfolio career, entrepreneurial activities, or simply wish to explore your options through experience and placements.

Careers Plus

Our digital careers platform is called Careers Plus.

Now available for students and graduates of University Centre Colchester, Careers Plus provides interactive support for your career research, job hunt, application materials, employability skills assessments, interview performance and much more.

Whether you are career planning early in your studies or preparing to progress from your course, Careers Plus can assist. You can check it out using this link:

Current Student Login – Careers Plus

Graduate Login – Careers Plus

For any enquiries please contact:

Student Handbook

The purpose of this concise student handbook is to help you get started in our studies, and to enable you to know who to contact if you have any specific questions.