Colchester Institute Business Solutions – Courses and Workshops

Maintaining the refinement and development of your own skills, or that of your staff through undertaking training courses and workshops, is integral for maintaining the progression and effectiveness of individuals across all industry sectors. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the commitment to lifelong learning and achieving by which individuals can enhance their employability and career prospects, therefore ensuring they remain competitive and continue to be effective, proficient and knowledgeable in their employment field and industry sector.

Training opportunities:

  • Apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships
  • Professional industry accredited qualifications
  • Employment focused Higher Education qualifications
  • Training and assessment services for the utilities industries
  • Short courses and workshops for Business

Industry sectors include:

  • Construction, Engineering, Energy and Utilities
  • Catering and Commercial Enterprises
  • Information Technology and Business
  • Health and Science
  • Digital and Creative Industries