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We are currently experiencing an intermittent availability issue with online applications for full-time courses, apprenticeships and part-time courses. If you are trying to make an application or if you are having trouble logging in, we kindly ask that you try again a few hours later

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UCC | Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Our higher and degree apprenticeships offer a unique way to develop your professional skills, progress academically and enhance your career prospects while remaining in employment.

Employer-led standards provide specialist industry-based training, allowing you to acquire higher-level skills that can lead to professional accreditation and membership. With additional Government funding available for higher and degree apprenticeships, you can study without incurring the cost of tuition fees or running up student debt.

Working closely with employers, University Centre Colchester is developing apprenticeship standards that meet industry needs and incorporate current practice, in areas including management, healthcare, construction, engineering and information technology. Higher apprenticeships at Level 4 and 5 are equivalent to a CertHE, DipHE or Foundation degree levels, with Levels 6 and 7 equivalent to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

How do Higher and Degree Apprenticeships work?

Developed collaboratively by training providers such as universities and colleges, employers and professional bodies in industry, these programmes allow students to study higher level qualifications part-time whilst being in employment as an apprentice.

What are the benefits?

Apprentices will acquire vital industry experience simultaneous to their studies, giving them a head start in their professional vocation, whilst also gaining higher level and graduate skills needed for career progression.

To be eligible to commence an apprenticeship you must be employed for a minimum of 16 hours within a job role that supports the evidence collection and assessment outcomes as described in the apprenticeship standard.

For further information on all of our higher apprenticeships please call: T: 01206 712432