Adult Learners

If you’re an adult who is looking to gain new skills or qualifications or return to education or training, full or part-time, we have a broad programme of adult courses on offer.

You may be considering studying to get into work, or back into work, or to improve your career prospects and earnings in your existing job. You might be looking to develop a completely new career path, or to embark on new learning for the fun of it. Whichever of these applies, there are a number of opportunities at Colchester Institute.

Courses are available across all levels from introductory to degree level, and courses can be very short – like just a day, through to full professional qualifications and Higher Education programmes that might take months or years to complete.

Study can be part time – just an hour or two a week, or full-time, but even on full-time programmes, most students find they can fit in substantial part-time employment.

If you’d like some Careers Advice before deciding on your next steps, you can book an interview via our Adult Skills Centres (previously known as Learning Shops).