Workforce Development

Continuing to be efficient and productive in the workplace is essential across any industry sector in order to produce and maintain an effective workforce. At Colchester Institute, we are committed to providing high quality solutions to meet the needs of employers and their workforce. Our wide range of training caters for every business, and can help you increase both your productivity, profits and workforce skills.

Our courses have been developed to identify the ideal training programme to meet priority areas of employment and skills gaps in a variety of industry sectors. We also offer businesses a selection of bespoke training opportunities with flexible delivery.  These range from industry certification to accredited professional programmes of study, which can either be tailored to meet your personal requirements or created from scratch in order to create your perfect bespoke training programme.

We want to continue to work in partnership with businesses to provide exceptional training and development opportunities for both our students and your staff.

Training opportunities include:

  • Apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships
  • Professional industry accredited qualifications
  • Employment focused Higher Education qualifications
  • Training and assessment services for the utilities industries
  • Short courses and workshops for Business

Industry sectors include:

  • Construction, Engineering, Energy and Utilities
  • Catering and Commercial Enterprises
  • Information Technology and Business
  • Health and Science
  • Digital and Creative Industries

Bespoke Courses and Training Solutions

Do you have a group of staff members requiring training?

Either tailor your personal requirements or start from scratch to create your perfect bespoke training programme. This option is particularly cost effective if you want to train a number of staff at the same time. With our flexible delivery at your premises or a venue of your choosing you can be sure we will help you make the most of your budget.

Do you find it difficult to send staff off-site?

We understand that every business is different and that you may require a course to meet needs unique to you and your business. Choose to tailor a standard course to your personal requirements or let us work with you to create your perfect bespoke training programme incorporating your policies if required.

Popular existing training, which can also be adapted to your needs, include:

  • Management Development Programmes
  • Team Leader Development Programmes
  • Mediation Skills
  • Chairing Meetings
  • Minute and Note Taking
  • Bid Writing
  • Formal Writing
  • Online Marketing for Real Results
  • Invisible Sales
  • Build Effective Marketing Communications
  • Maximising Sales from Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • International E-Commerce Success
  • Audit Training
  • Project Management
  • Sales Development
  • Appraisal Training
  • Managing Sickness Absence, Performance Management & Appraisal SkillsObjection Training
  • Networking Masterclass
  • The Art of Communicating to Win
  • Managers/Directors Short Sharp Shock
  • Debriefing Training
  • Values and Attitudes
  • Management Development Programmes
  • Team Leadership Skills
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • HR
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Telephone Handling
  • Safeguarding Coaching
  • Presenting Short Training Briefings
  • Stress Management
  • Managing Stress and Pressure
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Resolving Conflict
  • LinkedIn, You and Your Business


We have found that both Levy and non-levy employers are increasingly choosing to invest in training for staff already in-place through an apprenticeship, but are reluctant to recruit apprentices from outside of the company.

By upskilling staff members through an apprenticeship instead, organisations are providing a platform for them to develop and evolve within the organisational structure, aiding progression into senior roles.

Apprenticeships as a training method for existing staff

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of increasing the skillset of your current workforce and providing on-the-job training for someone you already know has the potential and motivation to go further in your business.

Whilst apprenticeships are more commonly thought of as for young people, a recent Apprenticeship Statistics England Report published in January 2019 states that “People aged 25 and over accounted for 46% of apprenticeship starts in 2016/17”.

This emerging trend shift supports evidence that the perception of apprenticeships is changing. Established assumptions that apprentices can only be recent school leavers or labour-intensive workers on entry-level programmes are evolving.

Progression to higher level qualifications

With the employer-led redesign of apprenticeships and the subsequent introduction of standards, apprenticeships are highly respected as training and education routes which emphasise the quality, knowledge and practical skills intended to meet employer needs.

An existing member of staff could undertake a Higher Apprenticeship and achieve a Bachelor’s degree in a dedicated subject, something which would not only be of benefit to their growth within the business but their value to the company.

Explaining the 20% 'off-the-job

Through working collaboratively with employers and providing them with a training needs analysis, one of the primary concerns we have identified is that many businesses lack understanding surrounding the requirement that 20% of an apprentice’s time has to be spent ‘off-the-job’.

Helping companies to understand that apprentices don’t necessarily have to be physically away from an organisation for 20% of the time has enabled employers to better educate their workforce and implement a learning culture that supports and embraces apprenticeships as a training method for current employees.

Most businesses recognise how this is applicable to a newly recruited apprentice, but not how it will relate to or affect a current employee. In short, they just need to be undertaking a task that doesn’t form part of their typical day-to-day role. This can include helping with a different project in the workplace, shadowing other colleagues in order to broaden their learning or as study-time for the qualification aspect of the apprenticeship.

In short, when upskilling existing staff the term ‘apprenticeship’ should not be under-estimated – it represents a demanding and rigorous training opportunity for both businesses and their staff.

Whats in it for me?

Benefits to your business:

  • Improving employee skills adds value to businesses by supporting development and growth
  • Enhancing the professional development of your workforce increases employee motivation and career development
  • Supporting the personal development and professional training needs of your workforce boosts employee well-being and staff retention

Course Types – Choose the Right Training Method

Choosing the right course is essential for your satisfaction and the success of your business. As we offer a variety of course programmes we would like to describe your options so you can choose the right one for you and your organisation.

Open Courses

Short training courses open to anyone who would like to attend; developed in a diverse range of subject areas. Courses are held regularly throughout the year on specified dates

Bespoke Courses for Employers

Either tailor your personal requirements or start from scratch to create your perfect bespoke training programme. This option is particularly cost effective if you want to train a number of staff at the same time.


Including executive coaching, life coaching, business coaching, personal coaching: options available to help you achieve your personal or professional goals.


Apprenticeships can help businesses across all sectors by offering a means to harness new talent. An Apprenticeship course is an excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience.

Many industries are suffering from skills shortages, making it difficult for employers to find qualified staff. By taking on an apprentice you can train the candidate to suit the needs of your business, whilst Colchester Institute can provide the training and assessment to meet the required national standards.

Benefits for Employers:

  • Improved Productivity – Apprenticeships equip young people with the skills and knowledge to do their job more efficiently and make a contribution to your business from day one. As motivated employees, apprentices work harder and more effectively for your business.
  • Motivated people – Apprentices are motivated individuals who are keen to learn. By offering Apprenticeships you will find it easier to recruit and retain able staff.
  • Relevant training – Apprenticeships are designed by businesses in your sector to meet the needs of your business. This means that the training is always relevant and tailored to the needs of your sector by people who genuinely understand what you do.
  • Avoid skills shortages – Apprenticeships allow you to invest in your business’s future. By taking on an apprentice you keep abreast of new technology and remain competitive in the market place.

Part-time (Day-release and evening)

Colchester Institute offers a range of professional courses across a variety of sectors. Part-time day release and evening further education courses are available for those already working in their chosen industry. Continuing to be efficient and productive in the workplace is essential across any industry sector in order to produce and maintain an effective workforce.

Degree (Higher Education) Courses

We offer a unique vocational learning experience, with practical and theoretical teaching embedded in our flexible full and part-time programmes. Our courses are designed with employers’ needs in mind and incorporate industry visits, guest lecturers and work placements. Flexible delivery provides the opportunity for students to fit their studies around employment or other commitments.

Workplace NVQs

Workplace NVQs

NVQs are National Vocational Qualifications for candidates who wish to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding needed at work. NVQ course programmes provide a mixture of practical and theoretical studies in realistic working environments.

Work Place Learning – gain a qualification on the job! No need to attend the College.

Work Place Learning (NVQs) and Work Based Learning (Apprenticeships).

Work Based Learning (WBL) consists of NVQ (or a similar qualification), Functional Skills and Technical Element

Work Place Learning (WPL) consists of NVQs only (no need to attend the College)

Business Training Advice and Analysis

All businesses and employers have different training requirements and each employee has their own training needs. We understand that, and we can provide you with advice and guidance to help you identify your needs. We can also make employers aware of any funding initiatives that you may be able to access.

Business Training Advice

Our dedicated Business Training Advisors will take the time to understand your exact requirements. They will work with you to help identify the training needs and skills gaps within your organisation and will co-ordinate the training delivery and evaluation process. As part of our commitment to quality we also believe it is fundamental to evaluate your training, making sure it has a positive impact and adds value to your business.

Free Organisational Needs Analysis

During this process we will take time to:

  • Understand your business goals, aspirations and challenges
  • Clarify your objectives in developing your staff
  • Review existing practice
  • Assist you in identifying existing and potential skills gaps or areas of improvement
  • Agree the best solutions for your organisation to maximise your potential