Business and Professional Apprenticeships

Business is a wide-ranging umbrella term that can refer to multiple operational activities within an organisation.

As part of our commitment to providing business solutions, we offer apprenticeships in a number of different subjects allowing you to select the relevant training to meet your business needs.

We focus on providing high-quality professional business apprenticeship programmes for specialist functions including Management, Human Resources (HR), Accounting, Finance and Digital Marketing. All these roles support an organisation, ensuring business operations run smoothly.

Many of the apprenticeships and professional development programmes we offer combine learning techniques that complement training workshops.

Blended learning can solve many of the issues facing both traditional learning and eLearning by combining them in a ‘best of both’ approach: Online delivery and instructor-led workshops incorporated into one package. Theories learned in the workshop are then practiced and applied in the workplace, thus strengthening the learning process.

In the next section below you will find our range of business and professional apprenticeships. You can also view or download our brand new guide for employers here.

A Guide to Business and Professional Apprenticeships

We also offer apprenticeships in roles that support business innovation, including IT infrastructure and networks, as well as vocational roles across a multitude of industries. Click here to find all of our apprenticeship programmes.

Accounts or Finance AssistantLevel 2 Apprenticeship
Assistant AccountantLevel 3 Apprenticeship
Associate Project ManagerLevel 4 Higher Apprenticeship
Business AdministratorLevel 3 Apprenticeship
Chartered ManagerDegree Apprenticeship
Commercial Procurement and SupplyLevel 4 Higher Apprenticeship
Customer Service PractitionerLevel 2 Apprenticeship
Digital MarketerLevel 3 Apprenticeship
Event AssistantLevel 3 Apprenticeship
HR Consultant / PartnerLevel 5 Higher Apprenticeship
Senior People ProfessionalLevel 7 Apprenticeship
HR SupportLevel 3 Apprenticeship
Improvement TechnicianLevel 3 Apprenticeship
Information Communications Technician Apprenticeship
Management Development(Blended Learning Apprenticeships)
Procurement and Supply AssistantLevel 3 Apprenticeship
Accounting / Tax TechnicianLevel 4 Higher Apprenticeship
Senior LeaderLevel 7 Apprenticeship