Digital Skills Training for Construction and the Trades

We are here to ensure construction firms and sole construction tradespersons are not missing out on the benefits of digitalisation and to help them reduce the risks of falling behind and losing out on future contracts/work.

Colchester Institute aims to help local construction businesses adopt digital processes and technology. We are able to offer FREE training for small or medium-sized construction companies, including sole tradespersons and self-employed construction workers.

Our goal is to equip you with the skills needed for success.

Benefits to you: we will be offering bespoke training and guidance packages including how-to and step-by-step resources for FREE, as long as you are a small or medium-sized construction company! We can deliver this help in a way that suits you, whether it is online, in-person onsite or at our campus, where we can provide the training rooms and refreshments.

To make this work for you, we need to know what you need and what help would benefit you.

Would you like to be better at or learn how to do things including:

Start a website – Increase your social media usage – Create QR Codes – Share Files – Understanding Make Tax Digital – Do estimates, payments and invoicing online – Using phone-to-design construction maps – Using materials and aggregate calculators – Using Apps on smartphones

If there is something that would help you by being done online, on your phone or on a PC/laptop, then we want to know.

Get in touch!

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