Part-time Courses

Plumbing Studies Diploma Level 2 (Part -Time)

Industry Training

18th Edition – Level 3 AwardBS7671: 2018 (2382-18)
BPEC Plumbing QualificationsUnvented Hot Water
BPEC Plumbing QualificationsWater Regulations
Electrical Installations NVQ L3 C&G 2357 – Bolt-On qualification
Legionella Risk Assessment and Disinfection
Low Temperature Heating System Design – Incorporating Digital Technologies
National Water Hygiene Scheme e-Learning Training & Assessment
OFTEC 101, 105e & 600A
Part L (Energy Efficiency)
Part L Appreciation - Conservation of Fuel and Power (Part L V1 – Dwellings)
Accredited Gas Training for Agricultural Workers
Commercial Appliances and PipeworkACS Commercial Gas Safety
Changeover/ReassessmentACS Commercial Gas Safety
TPCP1/1AACS Commercial Gas Safety
Core Domestic Natural Gas SafetyACS Domestic Natural Gas Safety
Gas Safety – Industry Update Session
Initial Appliance Training and Assessment
CoNGLP1, PD, RPH and LAVACS - Liquid Petroleum Gas