Commercial Core Gas Qualification (Non-Domestic)

CODNCO 1/COCN 1 – Changeover/Reassessment (Commercial natural gas training and assessment)

COCN1 – Core Commercial Natural Gas Safety is a pre-requisite assessment for all other assessments within the commercial sector which covers all aspects of gas safety and legislation.

Like domestic, there is also a core gas qualification required to work on commercial installations.

At Colchester Institute we offer a course which is called a “changeover/reassessment” course which upgrades a candidates existing domestic core qualification to cover commercial core

Alternatively, a qualification can be renewed for a candidate, who already holds the commercial qualification.

Commercial Appliances/Pipework

In order to work on specific appliances/equipment/pipework, there are various qualifications that can be added onto the core qualification. These are as follows:

  • CIGA1 – Commercial indirect fired heating appliances
  • CORT1 – Commercial overhead heaters
  • CDGA1 – Direct fired heaters
  • BMP1 – Boosters
  • ICPN1 – Installation of commercial pipework
  • TPCP1/1A – Testing and purging commercial pipework.


Training and Assessment

CODNCO1/COCN1 training is run over two days followed by a one day assessment.

Following on from the CODNCO1/COCN1, candidates can then attend a one day training course for their chosen appliances (CIGA1, CORT1, CDGA1, BMP1, ICPNI )

This is followed by the appliance assessment day for CIGA1, CORT1, CDGA1 and if required, an extra 1/2day for ICPN1

Occasionally, BMP1 is requested. This would require an extra 1/2 day assessment also.


  • This course requires one day training
  • This is followed by a one day assessment.
Course outcome/qualification

To extend (changeover) your core competences in order to work on commercial gas installations and retain (renew) or apply for Gas Safe registration within this scope of work.

Pre-requisite knowledge/qualification

Candidates must currently hold and provide evidence of existing domestic (CCN1) or commercial Core Natural Gas Safety qualification.

Example Schedule
DayWeek 1 Schedule
MondayRenewal /Initial Training
TuesdayRenewal / Initial Training
Wednesday Practical Assessment


DayWeek 2 Schedule
FridayAppliance Training
MondayAppliance Assessment
TuesdayAppliance Assessment (if BMP1 and ICPN1 as well)
ThursdayTCP1 Training
FridayTCP 1 Assessment



Changeover/Reassessment for Commercial Natural Gas
Course Outline: Candidates must currently hold and provide evidence of existing domestic or commercial Core Natural Gas Safety qualification.
DurationWe can adapt this course to suit your requirements
Campus / Adult Skills CentreColchester Campus
Start DateThis course runs a number of times throughout the year. Please contact us for the next available dates.
Fee(s)Training and Theory: £430
Practical Assessment: £305
Training Manual (if required): £42.50
Certification: £45

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