Plumbing, Electrical, Refrigeration and Heating Courses

Our Plumbing, Electrical and Refrigeration courses are delivered by tutors with extensive knowledge of the construction industry and their professional expertise is valued by our students.

There are excellent facilities on site, with training areas designed to simulate the working environment. Further Education qualifications include nationally recognised BTEC diplomas. Apprenticeships are offered in Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Installations.

Plumbing, Heating and Refrigeration

As well as study programmes for school leavers, Apprenticeships are also available, allowing students to earn while they learn, as well as gaining first-hand experience in a construction environment and providing the relevant knowledge and experience to understand the installation of domestic water supplies and heating systems.

Career pathways may include working on new builds and refurbishments, from small domestic projects to major ones such as public buildings. Plumbers fit, service and repair hot and cold water systems, and heating systems in homes and businesses. They also work with gas fires and cookers. Depending on whether you work in homes, industrial or commercial locations, you’re likely to:

  • install water supplies, heating systems and drainage
  • find faults in systems or equipment and repair them
  • service gas and oil-fired central heating systems, boilers and radiators
  • install and fix domestic appliances like showers, cooker, gas fires and washing machines
  • service air-conditioning and ventilation units
  • attend emergency call-outs to fix leaks, for example during cold weather
  • fit weather-proof materials, joints and flashings to roofs, chimneys and walls

On all jobs you would use hand and power tools, which may include welding equipment. As an experienced plumber, you might specialise in sheet metal work for industrial, commercial or historical buildings.

Electrical Installations

As well as Further education Electrical Installations courses, Apprenticeships are also available, allowing students to earn while they learn, as well as gaining first-hand experience in a construction environment and giving you the relevant training and education required to become a successful electrical engineer. Career pathways may include employment as a registered Installation Technician.

Gas and Utilities

For adult (19+ learners) and those already working in industry, a range of part-time and professional training courses for the utilities industries are also available.

Full-time courses
Part-Time Courses
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Electrical InstallationsLevel 1/2/3
Plumbing StudiesLevel 1/2

Thomas List, Plumbing Level 1

"I enjoy the course as I am a practically-minded person. The facilities at the College are great and so are the teachers. I feel that I am really progressing well and always get the help I need. The College also helped me find work experience which has really benefited me."

Emily King, Plumbing Apprentice

"I’ve always been more of a practical person and here it’s different every day. It suits me better than being in an office environment. The experience helps you get straight into a job and sets you apart from the rest."

Jordan Jago, Electrical Installations Level 3

"Electrical Installations is a very good trade to work in and you can enter it at any age. The theory and practical sides are interesting. The lecturers are friendly, supportive and prepared to share their knowledge to give you the best advice."

Sam Utting, Plumbing Level 2

"This course gives me the knowledge to install all household plumbing. The space and plumbing blocks we practice in are great."

Joe Hyde, Electrical Installations Level 2

"I really enjoy my course. It is challenging and hard at times, but it allows me to go on to Level 3, and then I’ll be able to work as a qualified electrician."

Dan Speirs, Plumbing Level 2

"I chose Colchester Institute because it is local to me and I enjoy practical work. I plan to go on and become a self employed Plumber."

Euan Harrington, Plumbing Level 2

"I chose Colchester Institute because I wanted to meet new people. I like how the theory and practical work are evenly spread out and you get a chance to learn both. The teachers are very experienced and any questions you have, they are able to answer them."

Installation Electrician Apprenticeship
Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship

Plumbing Studies Diploma Level 2 (Part -Time)

Industry Training

BPEC Plumbing QualificationsUnvented Hot Water & Water Regs
Electrical Installations NVQ L3 C&G 2357 – Bolt-On qualification
Legionella Awareness
Legionella Risk Assessment and Disinfection
National Water Hygiene (Blue Card)
National Water Hygiene Scheme e-Learning Training & Assessment
OFTEC 101, 105e & 600A
Part L (Energy Efficiency)

Accredited Gas Training for Agricultural Workers
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Safety Awareness
Commercial Appliances and PipeworkACS Commercial Gas Safety
Changeover/ReassessmentACS Commercial Gas Safety
TPCP1/1AACS Commercial Gas Safety
Core Domestic Natural Gas SafetyACS Domestic Natural Gas Safety
Domestic Gas FoundationManaged Learning Programme
Initial Appliance Training and Assessment
CoNGLP1, PD, RPH and LAVACS - Liquid Petroleum Gas