Marketing and Events Courses

Communicating with your customers or target audience and how your brand, product or reputation is viewed is vital to its overall success.

Whether it is choosing a stand-out promotion, offer or price to attract more customers, create an advertising campaign or conduct consumer behaviour and analytical research, marketers and marketing play a vital role in any business.

Without marketing and its associated channels and platforms, customers wouldn’t be able to interact with a business and a business wouldn’t be able to stand out from the competition.

Having the requisite technical skills and knowledge will enable you to undertake all kinds of marketing activities, either for a future employer or your own business or event, such as developing and producing social media content to promote a service or event, utilising photography and image manipulation skills, and in some cases video production, editing, graphics and visual effects.

BA (Hons) Business and Management
BA (Hons) Computer Games with 3D Modelling and Animation
Business and Marketing Level 3
Business Level 3
Digital Content Creation and Social Media Level 3
Digital MarketerLevel 3 Apprenticeship
Esports and Digital MarketingLevel 3
Event AssistantLevel 3 Apprenticeship
Hospitality (Restaurant, Reception and Customer Service) Level 2
Hospitality Management and Supervision Level 3
Interactive Media and Games Design Level 3