Financial Services Courses and Apprenticeships

Financial Services and Mortgage AdviceApprenticeshipsCertificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice

The UK has a large financial services industry which offer a variety of roles. You’ll need to be good with numbers and have good organisational, business and people skills in these jobs. Apprenticeships and courses in financial services are designed to provide learners with the relevant training and education required to work within a financial advisory services environment.

Considering an apprenticeship? Many young people look to an apprenticeship to gain valuable skills directly in the workplace.

Aimed at those who are involved in financial services as their primary work activity and have the ability to carry out a range of routine tasks in their role, anyone aged 16 years and older can study an apprenticeship – there are no upper age limits for apprenticeships.  With our apprenticeships you may be required to attend college at our Colchester, Braintree or Clacton campuses or in some cases we will visit you in the workplace for your training assessment.

Career pathways may include progression to senior advisory roles. Possible  further study and course progression opportunities may include higher education or industry specialist qualifications.

Financial Services and Mortgage Advice Apprenticeships

Those wishing to offer mortgage advice need to meet requirements set out by the FSA. The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP®) is the industry benchmark qualification, providing learners with the qualification they need to be licensed to practice.  CeMAP is recognised by employers and clients as a mark of excellence and professionalism. It meets the FCA examination standards for providing advice on mortgage products and is an approved qualification in the mortgage advice apprenticeship standards.