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We are a dedicated community of around 1000 students who are studying on degree and other higher education programmes (including apprenticeships) that cover three areas: the Arts, Industry & Business and Social Sciences. The diversity of these subjects is important to University Centre Colchester because it reflects some of the most distinct employment strands in today’s society. It goes to the heart of what students and staff do collaboratively: prepare for, and be part of an ever-changing changing job market.

Students who choose to study here do so for quite clear reasons: we actively promote, and invest in,  smaller class sizes (20 or so is a large group by University Centre Colchester standards), believing that this is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you receive the right amount of quality contact time, as well as a personalised experience.

Overall, there are some 15000 higher education students in Colchester, so individual attention in class happens against the backdrop of a much wider, socially active, community. The location is important, too. Colchester is only 50 minutes by train from Central London.

One of the main reasons for studying at University Centre Colchester has to be the staff. Enabling students to be good at what they do, and thus highly employable, is the focus of the lecturing team. Maybe it has something to do with the roots of University Centre Colchester, which can trace its origin back to the Colchester School of Art, founded in 1885. True, subjects such as Business, Construction, Education, Engineering, Health and IT have joined since, but there is something in the spirit of Arts training that is now part of all Schools at University Centre Colchester: a strong vocational ethos, a can-do approach, and the focus on an individual’s journey.

It’s no surprise that our alumni go on to pursue careers that are right for them. Whether working locally, making national news in their subject areas or running multi-national organisations, we are proud of what former students go on to achieve.

To get a flavour of all of this, book into an Open Day or contact University Centre Colchester directly if you would like to meet members of the teaching team. My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming you to University Centre Colchester. Explore our Schools below and discover the course for you.

Nils Franke, Dean of Higher Education

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