Women in STEM

Empowering Women In Engineering – Where Innovation Knows No Gender

Are you a female student considering your future career and looking at the various options available to you?

Do you have a desire to challenge conventional stereotypes? Perhaps you have a passion for engineering, with the innovation, drive, creativity and problem-solving skills to make a difference.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the contributions of women in engineering are becoming increasingly vital; by injecting fresh perspectives, unique skills, determination and passion into the workplace, women are reshaping the engineering landscape.

Here at Colchester Institute, we encourage you to break free from typical stereotypes and explore the vast potential that lies within the world of engineering, where you can be part of the generation closing the gender gap in this industry.

As a college, we are determined to help break down the stereotype that engineering is predominantly a career for men. A recent report on engineering in the UK identified that women comprised only 16.5% of all engineers in the international workforce and 14% in the UK.

Maria - Women in STEM

“I’m fascinated by how things work and always wanted a practical job, so Engineering is the best route for me. Being the only female on my apprenticeship could sometimes be challenging, but the guys have been great and every day has been really interesting. Overall, it’s been a positive experience. As I started my engineering career later than others, I was worried I had missed my opportunity to study a career I love, though I’ve had so much support from both the college and my employer. I am very lucky that I have amazing female engineers in my company, from technicians to quality assurance, who I have learnt so much from.”

Course: Level 3 Advanced Technical Engineering and Manufacturing

Progressed from: Cleeve Park School

Phoebe - Women in STEM

“I’ve always had an interest in Engineering, so when I was made redundant from my dental nursing job, I decided to make a big career change!

I feel that my age and lack of experience may make my career journey harder, and I have faced challenges because of my gender, but now I feel my male peers respect me much more and I’m proud of the work I’ve produced. I’m excited to take what I’ve learnt and create custom kitchens and bars.”

Course: Level 3 Advanced Technical Engineering and Manufacturing

Progressed from: Ormiston Sudbury Academy

With recent figures also suggesting that a further 1.8m engineers are needed by 2025, the UK faces a massive engineering skills gap.

Colchester Institute is the only FE college to join the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) partnership programme.

Women in Engineering Society Partner

WES are committed to boosting participation levels with female students by promoting careers in the wider engineering sector. Through this partnership, we aim to help empower the next generation of women to ensure we have the talented engineers we need for the future, whatever their gender.

Alison Andreas | Principal and Chief Executive

“Membership of the Women’s Engineering Society is an important way of encouraging more young people and adults to consider careers in Engineering. We now need to get the message out to every man, every woman, and (given the huge future demand) every child that careers in Engineering are for absolutely everyone. They are exciting, rewarding and absolutely vital for a safe, healthy, economically stable, and sustainable future for the UK.”