Engineering and Manufacturing Courses (Mechanical, Electronic, Fabrication and Welding)

Our Engineering courses in Manufacturing, Mechanical, Electronics, Welding and Fabrication are delivered by tutors with extensive experience in the industry sector and their professional expertise is valued by our students.

The knowledge and skills learned on our engineering courses can be used in many related industries. Examples include civil engineering, engineering construction, agricultural engineering, power, shipbuilding and repair, renewable energy, and oil and gas. Welders cut, shape and join sections of metal plate and pipes in a wide range of industries. These include construction and engineering, transport, aerospace, and offshore oil and gas. They also carry out repairs on manufacturing equipment and machinery. Welders work with a lot of different metals, alloys and materials – heating, melting and joining these ‘composites’ together. You may also have the opportunity to work abroad on overseas construction projects.

The hands-on experience at Colchester Institute suits my style of learning and has enabled me to develop valuable industry skills. I’m going on to do an apprenticeship at Mercedes as a Manufacturing Technician. I really feel the skills that I learned and the tutor support are what helped me get my apprenticeship.William Juniper - Mechanical Engineering

As well as Further education programmes, Apprenticeships at a range of levels are also available in areas such as manufacturing, electrical and electronics, mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance and installations. Apprenticeships are an optimal way of training, developing and skilling people for the future. Companies in the energy, power, automotive and other industrial sectors across the United Kingdom truly recognise the advantages of taking on apprentices as they continue to look for the next generation of skilled engineers, technicians and welders. These companies recognise and value the stepping stone apprenticeships offer towards a long term and promising career as a technician, welder or engineer.

The School of Engineering at University Centre Colchester (UCC) offers a range of Higher Education Engineering courses with Higher National Certificate and Diploma programmes in electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering having been designed to provide advanced technical qualifications and equip students with the skills that employers require. There are excellent, state-of-the-art facilities, with training areas designed to simulate the working environment.

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Part Time
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Full-time Courses

Engineering – Electronics, Automation and Robotics Level 2/3
Engineering – Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Level 2/3
Engineering – Mechanical and Manufacturing Technologies Level 2/3
Engineering - Welding and Fabrication Level 1
Engineering – Welding and Fabrication Level 2/3
Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing) Level 1

Bethany Evans

Course: Welding and Fabrication Level 1
Progressed From: Manningtree High School

"My favourite part of the course is knowing I’ll fnish College with skills that employers need. I’ve been able to make a good group of friends who have the same type of interests as me and I’ve got involved with all sorts of College activities."


Electrical and Electronic Engineering Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship
Embedded Electronic Systems Design and Development Engineer Degree Apprenticeship Level 6
Engineering Technician (Craft Machining) Level 3 Apprenticeship
Engineering Technician (Multiple Job Roles) Level 3 Apprenticeship
General Welder Level 2 Apprenticeship
Higher Apprenticeship Level 4Electrical / Electronic Manufacturing
Higher Apprenticeship Level 4 – Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Engineer Degree Apprenticeship Level 6
Multi-Positional Welder Level 3 Apprenticeship
Performing Engineering Operations Intermediate Apprenticeship
Performing Manufacturing Operations Intermediate Apprenticeship
Product Design and Development Degree Apprenticeship Level 6

Part-time Courses

City & Guilds Awards in Welding SkillsLevels 1, 2, 3
Engineering Diploma P/T Day Level 3Various Pathways
Engineering for Industry – Employability Skills Training

Short Courses

Computer Aided Design (CAD) – 3D Modelling for Beginners

Industry Welding Training

City & Guilds Awards in Welding SkillsLevels 1, 2, 3
Level 1 City & Guilds Award in Thermal Cutting Processes
Welder Coding ServiceApproval and Procedure Certification