Enrolment Information

As soon as those exam results are in we start the enrolment process. You will be given information about your enrolment at your Welcome and Induction Day, but you can confirm the exact date now by looking at the dates below.

Enrolment will take place on a specified day between the 21st August and 1st September– This is the point that the student confirms and reserves their place on their course and these dates are not negotiable. please avoid taking your summer holiday between these dates as we cannot guarantee your place on your course if you do not attend your enrolment day!

Wherever possible, details of their individual enrolment date will be provided at your son or daughter’s Welcome and Induction Day. If this isn’t possible these will be confirmed by letter soon after.

Parents Information

What if my son or daughter cannot make their enrolment date?

Enrolment dates are not negotiable but in exceptional cases you must let us know in advance if they cannot attend by phoning 01206 712777 or completing the form below.

Enrolment Day Nonattendance Form
We cannot guarantee that your son or daughter’s place on their course will be held if they do not attend on their original enrolment date, without letting us know and agreeing alternative arrangements.