Digital Skills Courses

Did you know:

  • Nearly 9 million people in the UK are unable to use the internet on their tablet or phone by themselves.
  • Almost 3 million people can access the internet but do not know how to use it to its full advantage.
  • Just over 17 million people – nearly 52% of workers in the UK lack the digital skills they need to do their job.*

*Statistics provided by Lloyds Bank

If you have recently lost your job or found yourself in a much-changed environment, and even if you are not working in what might be considered a technology-based sector, having a basic level of digital fluency is a must.

The shifting of everyday life online during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into focus the implications of being digitally excluded, particularly from social media. Research has shown in the UK that one in five people lack the essential digital skills for life and struggle to communicate using digital technology.

Essential Digital Skills – Entry Level 3 and Level 1