Online Enrolment

Getting Ready for Enrolment

We are excited to give you more information about the next stage of your enrolment to Colchester Institute!

You need to read this carefully and get yourself ready to start this on GCSE results day, 20th August, we will not be able to make the final decision on your course offer until stage 1 of this is successfully completed.

The information on this page will be communicated to you by email, so please keep checking your emails for more information.

Stage 1

On GCSE Results Day, we will send you an email with a link to sign into your account and upload the two things below.

It will be much easier if you get ready for this in advance as GCSE results day will be very busy and could be stressful.

  1. A photograph of yourself that will be printed on your ID card.

You are strongly advised to prepare for this by selecting a suitable photo now and saving it on the device that you will use to start your enrolment, this could be your phone, laptop or tablet.

This photo must show your face looking into the camera, with no hat or hood and close enough to take up most of the image, see these examples.

  1. Evidence of your exams results, this will include this year’s results, and other exams from previous years.

This applies to all applicants even if you have achieved your qualifications in previous years or been a student with us in the past.

If you already have exam results dig these out now and take photographs and save them on your device so that you are ready to upload them.

If you are waiting for results, as soon as you get them you must take a photo or screenshot of all the information, subjects and grades, and save this on your phone / device.

When both are ready, sign into your account ready to upload them. You must do this on results day if you can, so that your results can be reviewed by teaching staff.

Stage 2

Once your uploaded results have been reviewed by the teaching team, they will confirm whether you have met the published entry criteria for your chosen course, and you will get another email to confirm your place. This might not be on the same day as it will be very busy with lots of results coming in for staff to look at.

When you receive your confirmation, you will need to sign back into your account for the final time to secure your place, check and update your personal information, and complete your enrolment.

Stage 3

Finally, when this is all completed you will receive an email which will tell you when your course starts and where and when you need to go for your first day.


Important information

Due to COVID 19 this all needs to be done online and there will not be the opportunity to come onto campus to enrol. This does make things quite different to previous years and so the better prepared you are now, the quicker and easier it will be.

So, choose your ID photo and take pictures of your existing exams results now, save them onto your phone, laptop or tablet, and then be ready to take your next steps on Thursday 20th August when GCSE exams results are published.

Good luck, if you have any questions please call us on 01206 712777 or email


Colchester Institute Admissions Team