Enrolment 2024 – Next of Kin Information

Information about each stage of the enrolment process will be sent to your young person. Please check that they have seen it and read it thoroughly. If they haven’t already done so they will need to choose a photograph to upload for their ID card (enrolment stage 1).

Enrolment Information 2024

All communications regarding enrolment are sent to the email address used throughout the application process. It is essential that all applicants are able to access their emails easily, and that they are checking them regularly.

Please note: In previous years we have found that some Colchester Institute emails went into spam or other email folders, to avoid this, applicants are advised to add us to their contact list and to keep checking spam folders. This is particularly the case for Gmail, Outlook, iCloud and Hotmail.

We know that enrolment can be an anxious time for some, and there will be staff from our admissions team on hand to help throughout, either by phone on 01206 712777, email at admissions@colchester.ac.uk or our online chat function. We don’t close over the summer.

Enrolment consists of a few separate steps, but for the vast majority of applicants, it is quite a straightforward process. Information about each enrolment step will be published in due course as we head further into the application cycle and will be accessible from this page.

Online Enrolment Current Step – Step 1

Once you have your offer you will be asked to upload two photos. One to give official proof of your identity, and the other a photo for your ID card.

Applicants for full-time study programmes will begin to receive email instructions for Stage 1 of enrolment as we head further into the application cycle. If you have received your offer and are yet to complete stage 1 please follow the link below and proceed to our online enrolment section, where you will find instructions on how to do this.

GCSE Results Day | Thursday 22nd August

Where you have someone who is waiting for their GCSE results this may be a stressful and busy day. It is really important that they check their emails when they get their results to get a link to upload a photo or screenshot of their results as soon as possible. Teaching staff will review their results against the entry criteria for their course and confirm their place. This might not happen on the same day.

Even if their results are lower than they expected, they must still upload these for review.  If they are not able to get on their chosen subject area they will get an email to tell them this and with further advice, again this might not happen straightaway.

If they want to apply for a different subject area, or to meet with a careers guidance officer, they can then book a slot to come in and discuss their options on campus. These meetings must be pre-booked, do not arrive on campus without a booked slot or you may be turned away.

Advice slots will be available to book from GCSE Results Day on the 22nd August and this page will be updated accordingly.

Results from Colchester Institute

Some of you may have sons or daughters who are at Colchester Institute this year and are expecting results in August 2024. Information about collecting exam results will be published on this page in August 2024.