Extended Certificate in Basic Construction Skills City & Guilds 6219-06 (P/T Evening)

The City & Guilds Construction Skills Extended Certificate Level 1 is a practical based construction skills course suitable for DIY enthusiasts, maintenance staff, or school caretakers wishing to learn new skills or enhance existing bricklaying, carpentry and plumbing skills. Students will work in the new and well-equipped workshops at our main campus in Sheepen Road, Colchester.

The Basic Construction Skills Extended Certificate course will cover units in brickwork, plumbing, and carpentry and joinery. To achieve the Level 1 Extended Certificate in Construction Skills (6219-06), learners must achieve a minimum of 15 credits, 3 credits from the mandatory unit and a minimum of 12 credits from the optional units, of which 6 credits must come units 102-137.

BrickworkCarpentryDecorating, Plastering & TilingPlumbingFurther Infomation
Unit accreditation no. City & Guilds Unit Number Unit Title Credit Value
101 Introduction to health and safety in construction 3
Unit accreditation no. City & Guilds Unit Number Unit Title Credit Value
K/505/1513 005 Constructing half brick walling 3
K/505/1513 006 Laying paving using slabs 3
R/505/1912 118 Constructing block walling 3
M/505/0721 119 Constructing half brick return corners 4
H/505/0733 120 Constructing cavity walls in brickwork and blockwork 4
K/505/0734 121 Constructing one brick walling 4
Unit accreditation no. City & Guilds Unit Number Unit Title Credit Value
M/505/0735 001 Constructing halving joints 3
T/505/0736 002 Constructing housing joints 3
F/505/0836 003 Constructing through mortice and tenon joints 4
L/505/0824 104 Constructing angled halving joints 4
K/505/0829 105 Constructing bridle joints 4
K/505/0832 106 Constructing haunched mortice and tenon joints 4
M/505/0833 107 Constructing stub mortice and tenon joints 4
T/505/1885 108 Fixing architraves and skirtings 4
Unit accreditation no. City & Guilds Unit Number Unit Title Credit Value
M/505/0816 003 Painting techniques 4
L/505/1908 008 Preparing background surfaces and applying render coats ( Plastering ) 3
F/505/1355 004 Tiling a plain wall 4
F/505/1372 111 Painting and wallpapering 4
A/505/2777 112 Applying decorative effects 4
F/505/0819 113 Applying wallpaper to internal and external angles and painting skirting 4
H/505/0814 114 Painting a panel door 4
R/505/0856 115 Cutting and fixing door panels 3
R/505/1909 125 Preparing background surfaces and applying finishing coats ( Plastering ) 4
J/505/1910 126 Mixing materials and applying floating coats ( Plastering & Rendering ) 4
Unit accreditation no. City & Guilds Unit Number Unit Title Credit Value
K/505/1916 009 Removing and refitting water-filled radiators 2
A/505/1919 010 Working with non-manipulative fittings 2
R/505/1912 128 Bending and jointing copper pipes 3
Y/505/1913 129 Connecting pipes and fittings to appliances 3
K/505/1950 130 Constructing combined frames 4
D/505/1914 131 Installing rain water goods 3
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35 weeks

Start Date September 2017
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