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Colchester Institute is the largest vocational college serving North Essex and the surrounding areas. We are committed to providing quality vocational education and practical skills relevant to employers and learners. As a result, working in a collaboration with our local NHS foundation trust, ESNEFT (East Suffolk and North East Essex NHS Foundation Trust), we have created a new training programme where we provide short intervention courses and skills requested by the employer.

Participants are trained and exposed to a real job situation and receives an interview with the recruiting department. Learners benefit from having everything ‘in house’:

  • National Career Service (NCS) provides an initial interview where qualifications and experiences are assessed providing further employment support for 12 months
  • Adult Skills Centres deliver accredited qualifications requested by the employer based on their job descriptions/ roles, e.g. Functional Skills in English and Maths or more sector-based specialised introductory course
  • Dedicated project team will carry out informal interview to make sure the right candidates get selected onto Work Programme Stage
  • Work programme stage consists of masterclasses and work rotational observational placements

Working in partnership with East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust (ESNEFT) and the ICENI Centre.


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New programmes are currently being finalised and will be displayed on this page when confirmed.

Our Project Management Team

Owen Brown – Pathways to Diagnostics Programme Manager at ESNEFT

Phone: 07736639313


Main responsibilities: Employment / job vacancies at ESNEFT, ESNEFT resource management, fairs, progression and career events, honorary contracts, marketing of the project, non-clinical candidates engagement, project funding and allocation of budget – ESNEFT side, project interviews and candidates engagement, project progression

Tomas Kasiulis – Programme Manager at Colchester Institute

Phone: 01206 712414/ 07535272503


Main responsibilities: Colchester Institute resource management, engagement and participation, enrolments, DBS checks and candidates expenses, Adult Skills Centres, marketing of the project, project funding and allocation of budget – Colchester Institute side, project interviews and candidates engagement, project progression and reporting aspects, work with National Careers Services and DWP

Pride Mukungurutse – Pathways to Diagnostics Practice Placement Manager at ESNEFT

Phone: 07517 829350


Main responsibilities: Apprenticeship working group engagement, candidate coaching and mentoring, candidates progression monitoring, clinical engagement within departments, marketing of the project, masterclasses and their delivery, marketing of the project, rotational work placements, training and upskilling within clinical field.

Helen Brown – Project Co-ordinator at Colchester Institute

Phone: 01206 712414/ 07726679822


Main responsibilities: Engagement with candidates, weekly check-up calls, administrative support including but not limited to general inbox monitoring, meeting scheduling, booking interviews, coordinating documentation submission and expense checking.