Free and flexible workshops for adults (19+)

Free and flexible training to help with the cost of living

Here at Colchester Institute we’ve developed some free training to help you budget with the cost of living and to support you with your finances. Available to study online or through our Adult Skills Centres in Colchester, Braintree, Clacton and Dovercourt, new dates are now available for classroom-based classes in April.

In partnership with Essex County Council, Colchester Institute are delivering Multiply, which aims to support people aged 19 and over to improve their numeracy skills and gain maths qualifications up to GCSE grades 4 to 9 or A* to C.

Multiply seeks to address the crucial skills gap in Essex, where adult numeracy ranks lower when compared to the national average. It supports ECC’s broader ambition of helping Essex residents to increase their skills and to reduce barriers for disadvantaged groups.

Not a numbers person? Anxious about your maths skills?

Multiply will help you to feel more confident using numbers at work or in everyday life. Learning at a pace that suits you, Multiply offers short, flexible learning opportunities of around six hours.

Online Multiply Courses are now available!

We are able to offer additional Multiply courses which are delivered online through the Skills Network. Available for adults (19+) across the UK until 2025, learners need to be aged 19+ and not have a current mathematics GCSE at grade C or equivalent, or functional skills. These courses are for beginners who want to build on their existing maths knowledge and can be studied at the learners own pace. Accessible on a phone, tablet, PC or laptop, there are also no formal assessments, and all of the courses and units are auto marked and developed by subject experts.

Learners can come into our Adult Skills Centres in Colchester, Braintree, Clacton and Dovercourt in order to do their online Multiply courses, where full support will be provided.

Multiply Your Confidence With Numeracy to Help Children with Maths
Multiply Your Confidence with Money
Multiply Your Confidence with Numbers

Our Adult Skills Centres can also offer Multiply workshops around Budgeting for home, work and shopping/cooking. If you would like to enquire about these then please contact us for more information.

Kim Palmer
I did all three workshops and found them all very useful, especially the advice regarding credit cards and savings which covered budgeting on limited finances. Also, the conversions in the shopping and cooking workshop addressed using grammes and ounces etc which gave me a better understanding of measurements. I learnt so much information on these workshops, the tutors were fantastic and there was a great atmosphere. I’d like one on travelling to places with advise on finding the cheapest costs.Kim Palmer
The budgeting, savings and loans aspects were the most useful, it may help me in the future. Learning to budget will help me manage my money better. The workshop made me use parts of my brain I’d forgotten about and the tutor was helpfulTeresa Cansdale

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