Application Questions

How do I apply?

All applications must be made through our online application system.

You will need to create an account that you can then log back into to track your application.

Information on creating an account and making an application.

What do I do if I can’t remember my log in details to access my account?

  • Check that you have used the correct Username (This was sent by email when you first created your account)
  • Check that you are entering the correct password.
  • Check you are spelling the username and password correctly.
  • Remember these fields are case sensitive.

If you are still having trouble and are unable to access your account we are able to provide further help and support options via the link below:

Use this link to reset password

Is there a closing date for applications?

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible. For full-time further education programmes our initial deadline for receiving applications is 31st January 2022 for a guaranteed place on your chosen programme (subject to you satisfying the entry requirements).

What happens after I apply?

Once your application has been submitted our admissions team will complete some data checks including checking that you meet the published entry criteria for your chosen subject.

For most programmes you will then receive an email inviting you to log back into your account to book your telephone interview. If you have applied for Music or Performing Arts we will email you with a date and for an audition.

Please check your emails as all communication will be sent by this method.

What happens at my telephone interview?

You will be asked to book a pre-arranged timeslot and you will need to be ready to answer your phones between the times stated. The call will come from either an 01206 number or it might show as withheld or unknown.

The interview is designed to let out teaching staff find out about you and your interest in the course. To prepare you might want to think about what you enjoy doing, why you have applied for this course, what subjects you expect to do well in (if you are still at school/college) and how you will manage your revision in readiness for any exams.

How will I know if have been offered a place?

Once you have had your interview / audition we will email you to let you know if you have an offer. Offers will be subject to you meeting the published entry requirements of the chosen programme, once GCSE results have been published and provided to the College.

If you are not offered a place on your chosen programme, we will do our best to support you in finding an appropriate alternative.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

If you would also like to be considered for an apprenticeship you must tick the appropriate box on your application.

Our apprenticeship team will contact you to discuss this further and provide you with further information.

As you need to have an employer to undertake an apprenticeship we will prioritise your full-time application until you have confirmed that you have an employment contract in place.

How can I get additional support?

If you have a disability or learning difficulty, you must tell us this on your application.  Our support team will contact you for further information and to assess your needs.

If you are not sure about what of the support is available please speak to our Additional Learning Support team on 01206712073 or by emailing: additionallearningsupport@colchester.ac.uk

Our Additional Learning Support teams are also available at all of our open events.

Will my school/college be contacted?

If you are currently at school/college we will contact them to confirm your predicted GCSE grades and get general information about how you are progressing. We will also keep them up to date with the progress of your application.

Post Application Questions

What if I change my mind about my course?

If at any point during the application process you wish to change your programme choice, please contact us as soon as possible please. We can change a programme choice, but your original one will be withdrawn. Do not make a second application.

If you have already been made an offer, you will have to attend another interview for your new course.

Will I need a DBS check for my course

If your programme features contact with children or vulnerable adults, you will be asked to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before starting your programme. This will be listed as entry criteria in our prospectus.

There will be an additional cost associated with this.

When is my Welcome and Induction Day?

You will need to come to College for one day on either Monday 4th or Tuesday 5th July 2022 to attend a welcome and Induction Day. These are important for you to attend to start your induction and find out more about your programme of study. Keep checking your emails as we will send out more information about this, and other updates, throughout the year.

Enrolment Questions

How is my place on my course confirmed?

You will be told how to upload you GCSE results, and any other qualifications you are taking or have already achieved, on Thursday 25th August 2022. Even if you have studied at Colchester Institute before you must still upload evidence of your exam results.

When these are received, the course tutors check them against the published entry criteria and confirm your offer on the most appropriate level of study for you, and ask you to complete your enrolment online.

You must check your email account regularly to make sure you know what to do, we will set a 3pm deadline on Friday August 25th 2022 to upload evidence of your qualifications. If you miss this deadline there is no guarantee that you will get a place on your course.

What if I don’t achieve the results I need?

Even if you haven’t got the grades you need you must still follow the instructions and upload you results on Thursday 25th August 2022. The course tutors will need to see these in case there is another level of course you cvan go on. If not you will receive an email with a link to book a slot onto one of our Advice Sessions. These sessions allow you to talk to other course areas, or our careers team, to see if there is something else suitable.

When is the start of term?

Wednesday 7th September 2022, but start dates are staggered across the Wednesday and Thursday of that week. You will receive your actual start date and first day information shortly after your enrolment – so look out for the information when it comes.

When will timetables be issued?

In most cases, timetables cannot be confirmed until after enrolment is concluded and students are sorted into groups. Actual timetables are usually shared on the first day of term.

When I finish my programme, will I be able to progress onto the next level of study?

We always encourage our students to aim high to achieve their full potential. On most programmes there is an opportunity to progress on to a higher level and after Level 3 we offer a number of different degree level programmes too. Progression to a higher level is not guaranteed and will be subject to you gaining a satisfactory result in the preceding qualification and meeting the necessary entry requirements for the higher level qualification.

Student Welfare & Support

How do I report an absence?

There is a dedicated Absence Reporting Line – (01206) 712160 for all Colchester Institute students. All calls are logged and the relevant tutor is notified. Please try to call before 9am.

What if I am concerned about bullying?

If you are being bullied, or you see something that concerns you, then it is important that you let us know. We really mean it when we say the College does not tolerate bullying in any form. Students and staff deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and the College has a rigorous Anti-Bullying and Harassment procedure.

If you are being bullied, or are worried about bullying either verbally, physically or online (such as social networks, email or through other mobile devices) it is important you tell your tutor or the Student Welfare Team on (01206) 712263 so that action can be taken.

What if I have a complaint?

Complaints about your course, or something more personal should first be discussed with your personal tutor. If you are still unhappy there is an online complaints form on the College website, and paper copies are available from receptions, support offices, libraries or Student Services.

All complaints, comments and compliments will be sent to The Quality Enhancement Manager, who will ensure that they are resolved or passed on appropriately.

I’m experiencing personal problems and I’m not sure who I can talk to?

The Student Welfare Adviser is available to help with problems you may experience whilst at College. Advice and information can be given on: drug and alcohol misuse, sexual health, mental health, homelessness, counselling, bullying and harassment support, safeguarding and child protection. Signposting and referrals where appropriate can be made to external support agencies.

There is also a counselling service which is free to enable students to cope with their problems in order to continue with their course and achieve their qualifications. To make an appointment just ring (01206) 712295.

I would like to be more involved with the College, is this possible?

Yes, we try to involve learners as much as possible at Colchester Institute. Each class has a Course Representative, who attends monthly meetings and can voice any issues relating to students experience at college, which you can put yourself forward for. There are also several Principal’s Question Time events each year, where students are invited to put questions to the Principal which you can attend.

How do I contact my tutor or find out more about my course?

During your course induction you will get a course handbook and be introduced to your personal tutor who will be your first point of contact for course related questions. To email a member of staff you use their first name followed by a full stop and then their surname followed by @colchester.ac.uk (eg. jane.smith@colchester.ac.uk)

What if I need extra help in the classroom?

If you have a learning difficulty and/or a disability then the Additional Learning Support team may to able to help put support in place. We offer in-class learning support, communicators and note-takers, or in some cases specialist tutors for dyslexia, literacy and numeracy, including one-to-one support. For students on Degree programmes we can advise you on claiming Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA) to access additional support.

The team also co-ordinate access arrangements for exams, specialist equipment and learning aids and mobility and personal care support.

We work with the course areas to support students in a discreet way to help students achieve their maximum potential. Please talk to your course tutor or contact the team on (01206) 712839/712073 for more information.

What if I change my mind about the course I’m studying?

The Careers Team provide information, advice and guidance for all your queries on further study and progression to the world of work. They offer one-to-one confidential guidance interviews as well as a daily “drop in” service. So if you need help with choosing a career, progression, apprenticeships or job search contact the team at careers@colchester.ac.uk

Fees and Finance Questions

What help is available with course related costs?

We recognise that many students have financial worries and our Student Finance Team is on hand to advise you on the different options that might be open to you. Please view our Student Finance and Course Fees pages for more information. If the cost of coming to College is worrying you then please contact the Student Finance Team on (01206) 712078 or pop in and see us in the Student Finance office in Colchester, Student Services in Braintree or the Clacton Information Centre.

How do I pay for trips, kit or equipment?

The College operates a cashless payment system through our online shop, payments by cheques or cash are not accepted. Your tutor will be able to provide you with the details on how to register and create an account.

Facilties and Resources

How does the printing system work?

The College uses the Canon print anywhere system which allows students to print securely to any networked printer at any campus using your ID card. The first time you go to print you need to register your ID card. You can top up printing credit online through the College portal, at the College shop or use one of the coin operated top up machines.

Can I use the College Library?

Yes of course, most courses will include a Library induction where the staff will give you friendly, helpful advice to help you make the best use of the library services. But you don’t have to wait until your induction, just pop in and see the team who will be happy to help.

Travel Questions

Is there support for travel to College?

The College offers several attractive options to support students travelling to College, including the Colchester Institute Travel Scheme. Please contact Student Services on (01206) 712078/712446 for more details.

There may be financial assistance towards the cost of travel for families on a low income or where it can be demonstrated that travel costs will cause financial hardship.

Please contact Student Services on 01206 712078 to discuss travel options.

Can I park on site?

There is student parking at both the Colchester and Braintree campuses, however this is limited and there is no guarantee of a space.

Commencing in September 2020, Colchester will be a cashless campus. In line with this, our car parks will be managed by ANPR barriers and we will be using app-based technology to pay for Pay and Display parking with JustPark. Please go to the Apple App Store or Android Play Store to download the app and add your details prior to parking on campus.

Parking Permits

There is no longer a requirement for staff and students to display a physical permit on their dashboard. The online system logs all details of registered vehicles and uses ANPR to allow access.

If you are not registered, you are not authorised to park onsite and you will not be able to gain access.

Students are only registered for the duration of their course; staff details are to be requested in July 2020 and remain registered from this date until the next survey annually.

For those dropping staff and students off, this is still possible and you will not be charged providing you exit the campus as soon as you can following the drop off.

Parking Tariff

  • Pay and Display – £2.50 per day
  • Staff – £11.90 per month deducted monthly for 10 months [Sept-June]
  • CLMG – £ 24 per month deducted monthly for 10 months [Sept – June]

How do I pay for my Pay and Display Parking?

There a number of ways to pay for your parking now online or by phone, but please be aware there will no longer be any onsite payment facilities. Failure to pay for parking as above will mean you will not be able to park on campus.

Staff Parking – How are monthly deductions taken?

Prior to the new academic year, a staff survey will be sent to capture registration details of vehicles and for you to advise what tariff you will be using. Please ensure that this is filled out accurately and returned as soon as possible. Failure to do so will mean you will not be able to access the campus in the new year without having registered.

Staff parking on campus is now operated on an opt out basis. A survey will be sent each summer for the purpose of updating any registration details. At any point during the year if your details change, or you wish to cancel your permit please get in touch with facilities.helpdesk@colchester.ac.uk

There is no charge for any student parking at our Braintree Campus on production of a valid student ID.

Please note: all vehicles are left at the owner’s own risk. The College accepts no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or belongings left on premises.

Can I buy a bus pass / travel pass on-line?

Both bus and train passes can be purchased on line through the Colchester Institute Online Store. More information can be found in our Travel Information section.

Creating an online account
Parents wishing to purchase travel passes will have to create an online store account by following the instructions below (please note that if you have two children studying at Colchester Institute, a separate account must be set up for each student to avoid any confusion):

Before making any purchase from the online store, you will be required to register with the store. To do this you should click on My Account and then click on the link under New Customer

Please enter your email address and provide a password. This is the email address to which all confirmations and receipts will be sent.

Enter your personal details.

Under Your Address, enter your postcode and house number. Then click find address. A list of addresses matching those provided will appear. Click in the circle next to the right address. The address fields will populate with the one chosen. You must give this address a name (e.g. Home / Work).

If the postcode look up cannot find your address, click the link to enter your address details manually

Click Continue to register your account

Forgotten your password? At each login stage, you will see a forgotten password button, where you enter your e-mail address and a reminder of your password is then sent to you, by e-mail, almost immediately

Purchasing a travel pass
Once you have created an account:
Click on ‘Product Catalogue’ under Navigation
Click on ‘Getting Here’
Click on either ‘First Bus Passes’ or ‘Train Tickets’
Click on the links under ‘Detailed Description’ if you need confirmation of the cost of your travel pass
Enter the cost of the pass in the ‘amount’ box the ‘add to basket’
Fill in the questionnaire
Click ‘next’
If details are correct, proceed to checkout
Once the transaction is complete, you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

Bus tickets can be collected from the College from Tuesday 1st September onwards once you have your purchase confirmation email.

Train tickets will be ordered for the student and once received at the College, we will send the student a text message confirming that the pass is ready for collection.

If you have any queries regarding travel, please call Student Services on 01206 712078.