Management Training

Are you looking to develop your next managers and leaders?

If so then Colchester Institute can provide a wide range of training solutions that will provide your staff with the essential skills, behaviours and tools required to successfully lead and motivate staff more effectively.

Continuing to be efficient and productive in the workplace is essential across any industry sector in order to produce and maintain an effective workforce. At Colchester Institute we are committed to providing high quality management training solutions to meet the needs of employers and their workforce. Our wide range of training caters for every business, and can help you increase both your productivity, profits and workforce skills.

We understand the challenges that a modern-day manager will face, as well as the skills they will need to drive business and make a demonstrable difference to your organisation.

So what do we offer?

We offer management development through two apprenticeship pathways at Level 3 and 5, which consist of a series of subject specific modules, delivered over a longer duration than traditional in-house training, which would normally take place over the course of a working day, week, month or year.

Our Apprenticeships in Management are an excellent way to support your organisation by harnessing new talent or helping to upskill your existing workforce.

Your apprentice may be required to visit our Colchester Campus, or in some cases training and assessments can be carried out in the workplace. The information for employers provided below is designed to help you to kick start the process of employing an apprentice or upskilling an existing employee.

Use the menu below to explore our management training and find the most suitable training for your business needs.

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Training Packages