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The aim of customer service is to deliver high-quality products and services to the customers of your organisation. Providing a high-quality service to customers is paramount when it comes to business success. This includes workplace delivery, digital delivery, and going out into the customer’s own locality before, during and after a purchase. These may be one-off or routine contacts and include dealing with orders, payments, offering advice, guidance and support, meet-and-greet, sales, fixing problems, after care, service recovery or gaining insight through measuring customer satisfaction. You may be the first point of contact and work in any sector or organisation type.

Aimed at those who are involved in customer service as their primary work activity and have the ability to carry out a range of routine tasks in their role, anyone aged 16 years and older can study an apprenticeship – there are no upper age limits for apprenticeships. With our apprenticeships you may be required to attend college at our Colchester or Braintree campuses or in some cases we will visit you in the workplace for your training assessment.

Based on the current national standards and certificated through City & Guilds, our workplace learning courses provide candidates with a framework for demonstrating their competence as customer service providers and to encourage their continuing development in the industry field of quality service provision.

Customer Service Apprenticeships