An apprenticeship is a great way to gain a new qualification whilst getting the skills and experience employers are looking for, and are increasingly popular and a fantastic way to start or further your career plans. We offer apprenticeships in a number of different subjects, each allowing you to complete a training programme specific to your chosen career.

Get a step ahead of the rest with an apprenticeship at Colchester Institute. You can browse through our latest apprenticeship vacancies, where you’ll find fantastic opportunities with local and regional employers across a number of industries.

Alternatively you can search through the many exciting subject areas we are able to offer apprenticeships in.

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Emily King, Plumbing Apprentice

"I’ve always been more of a practical person and here it’s different every day. It suits me better than being in an office environment. The experience helps you get straight into a job and sets you apart from the rest."

Oliver Skinner, Level 2 Commis Chef Apprentice

"What I like most about my apprenticeship is learning on the job whilst being paid. I wanted to learn within the industry and get practical experience. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who wants to get work experience and have support from tutors."

Olivia Turton, Level 3 Marketing Apprentice

"I’ve enjoyed learning on the job and putting those skills into practice, all whilst being paid. If you are wanting to gain first-hand experience in your chosen industry, I would really encourage taking the apprenticeship route."

Saskia Wren, Level 3 Human Resoures CIPD Apprentice

"Completing an apprenticeship has allowed me to gain confidence in a work environment and develop important skills. I have also been able to gain an additional qualification, which focuses on applied learning, rather than classroom theory."

Harry Chambers, Level 3 Site Carpentry Apprentice

"My tutor has helped me advance on the basic skills and knowledge I already had. It is a friendly environment to work in and we are well supported by the teaching staff. The Level 3 is helping me to prepare for later life and potentially running my own business."

Rhea Jackson, Level 4 Manufacturing Engineering Apprentice

"I chose an apprenticeship because I wanted to get a degree and gain experience of the engineering sector. The best part is learning different skills and putting them into practice in the workplace. I would encourage others to choose this route."

Lillie Dunne, Level 3 Dental Nursing Apprentice

"I like learning on the job and earning a wage, studying an apprenticeship suited my style of learning. Dental nursing is a very rewarding job and I am really enjoying it. Colchester Institute is a very good college and have helped me a lot with my studies."

Zak Stankevitch, Level 2 Hair Professionals Apprenticeship

"I enjoy the fact that I am learning while working in the the salon. I felt that studying an apprenticeship was the best way for me to get the qualification I need whilst I also gain experience. Its a great alternative to a full time course, because I can earn while training."

Rebecca Bowers, Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice

"My favourite part about an apprenticeship were the skills I learned, the confidence I gained and the people I met. I wanted to change my career path, earn on the job and gain a qualification at the end."

Djeene Stephens, Level 3 Dental Nursing Apprentice

"I like the variety of working and learning. I wanted a gap year before university to go into hygiene. Studying an apprenticeship is a great opportunity for me to learn new skills and earn a wage, whilst gaining knowledge about my career choice."

Joe Lowe, Level 2 Carpentry Apprentice

"I like studying on an apprenticeship as my course is practical and it relates to the work that I am doing. The course will set me up with the skills I need for a good career in the industry."