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The Braintree Campus is Colchester Institute’s second largest campus.  It has been totally redeveloped in the past three years with all buildings and learning spaces brand new and all workshops, studios and classrooms appointed to the very highest standards.

Set in attractive riverside grounds, it has a really friendly vibe, and is just a twenty minute walk from the town centre.

Considering the planned economic growth for the district, the new campus’s remit is to have a clear focus on preparing learners for work through rapid development of the skills and knowledge that are in high demand by local employers.

Modern learning spaces and industry standard facilities are among the very best in the East of England, with state of the art Digital Media studios, and first rate workshops for a range of Construction and Engineering disciplines. In addition to this facilities for Computing, and Business, Beauty Therapy and Early Years further enhance the campus.

All classrooms are fully equipped with modern learning technologies and a Student Library allows students access to a range of support materials and private study spaces.

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Abigail WeatherleyWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Abigail Weatherley

Course: Engineering

"I chose to come to Braintree campus as it was the best out of all the options I looked at and the only place where I could do actual engineering. I want to design aeroplanes. Originally, I wanted to be an air hostess but in year 10 I changed my mind and thought I would go down the engineering route. They teach us how to use the machines here, it’s good and the tutors are helpful. Hopefully I will progress onto university after this."

Heather HamiltonWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Heather Hamilton

Course: Film and Television

"This course has provided me with so much knowledge of what the world of media is like and has introduced me to so many skills that I never knew I had or was even capable of. It has set me on a path for my future with all of the skills I’ve learnt in such a short time. The tutors are incredibly supportive and are always willing to help with anything."

Samuel WilkinsWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Samuel Wilkins

Course: Electrical Installations

"I wanted to do Electrical Installations because that career is well-paid and it looked interesting. It’s a good mix of practical and theory. Braintree campus is convenient for me as I live close to it. The STEM Innovation Centre is updated and good. I would recommend the course as you learn a variety of skills. I would like to become an electrician and work in a business after I leave."

Lauren MetsonWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Lauren Metson

Course: Wood Occupations

"The staff are so encouraging and I like the college environment, it’s so relaxed here and you can come and study in your spare time if you want to. I really enjoy the practical lessons and learning new skills."

Harry AshdownWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Harry Ashdown

Course: Engineering and Manufacturing

"This campus has great facilities and is the easiest place for me to get to, I enjoy the practical work most and my favourite place is the café. I plan to progress onto an Apprenticeship or go straight into industry when I finish this course."

Georgia PearceWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Georgia Pearce

Course: Early Years

"I like the layout of the College, it’s a small campus and easy to get to. Everyone on my course is really nice as well."

Ben CarpenterWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Ben Carpenter

Course: Computing

"The campus is convenient for me as it’s only 10 minutes from my house. I enjoy the course mainly because I’m passionate about the subject but also because of the facilities. I enjoy the amount of freedom I have here as a student as well."

Emily HollowayWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Emily Holloway

Course: Childcare, Children’s Learning and Development

"This course is a massive inspiration and insight into how children learn and develop through play, the course tutors are very encouraging and willing to help us through the course step-by-step. We are able to visit three different types of placement, working with babies, pre-school children and primary age as well to provide a real understanding of what working with children looks like."

Daisy MolyneuxWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Daisy Molyneux

Course: Foundation Studies

"Braintree Campus is a great place to be, it’s so welcoming. The staff and everyone are amazing. Student Services are there for you at any time you need. I’ve only been here since September but already feel really settled. I feel like I’ve been here a lot longer. Colleges are important and help to enhance your education and confidence. It’s helped me to be myself. I’ve been bullied in the past and coming to college here has been a life changing experience."

John TaylorWhat Our Students SayQuotation Mark

John Taylor

Course: Welding and Fabrication

"I chose Colchester Institute, Braintree Campus over other colleges because of the amazing facilities and course leaders. I like the freedom of being able to learn what I want alongside the main stuff on my course. I like the café too as it’s a nice place to relax in-between lessons."

What Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Matt Pamment

Course: Plumbing apprentice

“I worked in retail for years and fancied a more hands-on job. I wanted to get into a trade so I decided to do an apprenticeship. I think the facilities are really good and so is the teaching. I would definitely recommend it to others.”

What Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Rachel Rolfe

Course: Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Level 1

“I chose Braintree Campus because it is the best college for Engineering. When I finish my course, I hope to do Motorsport Engineering at university and then progress onto a career in that field.”

What Our Students SayQuotation Mark

Mollie Hards

Course: Beauty therapy Level 2

“All the tutors are very supportive. I really enjoy doing manicures and waxing so I plan to work full-time as a therapist when I finish.”


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Industry Facilities at Braintree

The new facilities demonstrate a new approach for the campus and how it best serves its learners, the local economy, community and employers. The courses on offer at our Braintree campus focus on skills priority areas for Essex. These include Technology, Engineering, Construction, Business and Media. By putting the focus on practise and proficiency, the campus ensures students are equipped with the hands-on experience they’ll need in the future.

The campus houses its own library with a wide range of material available to support students with their studies. Our new on-site refectory allows students to purchase refreshments or enjoy some down-time with friends.

CI Salons at Braintree offer fantastic beauty therapy services at very competitive prices and all services are carried out by students under the guidance and supervision of experienced lecturers.

High-tech workshops, replica industrial facilities, large classrooms and state-of-the-art equipment come together to form the £5.6m Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Innovation Centre. Opened in September 2017, the centre provides training opportunities in construction and trades, engineering processes, digital media and manufacturing.

The Learning and Technology Centre

Our state-of-the-art workshops, classrooms and high-tech equipment provide students with the skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace.

The new Learning and Technology Centre will provide students with the very best facilities to support them throughout their studies. Under expert guidance, students will learn new techniques and methods as they become more adept in their new skills. The new Centre will focus on high-tech IT and digital media facilities with new flexible learning spaces, workshops and computer suites.

Significant investment has been made in the latest technologies – which include a universal steel shearing machine, CNC plasma cutter, virtual reality headsets and much, much more – with a large proportion of equipment identical to that used by industry professionals on a daily basis. With the new cutting-edge equipment, we will continue to provide skilled, highly employable candidates into local and national industries.

Keeping Track of Developments!

The STEM Innovation Centre

What is STEM?About the CentreWhat is it all about?STEM at BraintreeWhat our Students sayServices to BusinessCorporate Hire

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and applies to subjects that fall under these areas. Alongside encouraging more students to study a STEM based subject at Degree Level, there is also a focus aimed at increasing the proportion of women who choose to pursue a career in STEM industries and study a STEM subject.

Studying a STEM related subject can lead to exciting opportunities for young people, which can be accessed through a range of education and training routes. Studying STEM subjects can help to maximise career options in not only STEM industry areas, but also for careers not related to STEM.

With an estimated 44,000 new recruits likely to be required in construction-related roles across Essex by 2021 and 14,000 new houses set to be built in Braintree by 2033, there are an estimated 20,000 new jobs to be generated across the District. The delivery of training in STEM subjects is essential in order to meet urgent employer demand for skilled workforce. The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Centre will address growing skills shortages in the local area and supply local employers with the workforce they desperately need. The College hopes to strengthen industry links in areas of construction, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

The centre will deliver engineering and manufacturing programmes in the Braintree District for the first time, providing a range of benefits to support local economic growth.

  • Training Opportunities in construction and trades, engineering processes, digital media and manufacturing
  • Industry-relevant qualifications including apprenticeships, NVQ diplomas, technical certificates and BTECs
  • Extensive new conference facilities and meeting spaces to hire

What is it all about?

The facilities will enable us to train hundreds more adults and young people for careers in construction, science and engineering. In our state-of-the-art workshops, laboratories and classrooms, students will gain skills in disciplines such as advanced manufacturing and design, robotics, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical installations. It will also be the home for many employer focused, short and continuous professional development courses run by CI Business Solutions – our business arm who specialise in meeting workforce skills training and development needs including apprenticeships.

Industry standard equipment will ensure that students receive the vital practical training – as well as the right qualifications to start successful careers. Such qualifications will include traditional City and Guilds, BTECs, honours degrees and a wide range of apprenticeships. Adult students already employed in relevant industries will benefit from the facilities through training organised for employers which in the past they may have had to travel some distance to access.

STEM at Braintree

High-tech workshops, replica industrial facilities, large classrooms and state-of-the-art equipment come together to form our brand new £5.6m Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Innovation Centre.

The new development, based at our Braintree campus, consists of three high-tech engineering workshops, two modern construction workshops and six large classrooms, and its packed with the latest equipment, including a universal steel shearing machine, modern welding equipment, a pillar drill, bench drills and much, much more!

The specialist training space which opened to students in September 2017, allows those studying manufacturing, construction, engineering, digital media or IT to benfit from the very latest resources.

The funding for the skills centre was supported predominately by South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SE LEP), after the College won a share of £22 million in Skills Capital Funding as well as a £980k match funding from Essex County Council. The College has also received generous sponsorship from Cadman Construction Ltd towards the new equipment in the Brickwork and Plumbing workshops.

The course provides opportunities not only for education, but for your future life and career. There are also amazing tutors who have vast knowledge and experience.Seb Magar Course: Mechanical Engineering Progressed from: Tabor Academy

It is a challenging course that caters for all abilities and genders. It is really enjoyable and no two days are the same! I would recommend this course – it teaches you to use the machinery that is used in industry.Ocean Anderson Course: Fabrication and Welding Progressed from: Colchester Institute

Services to Business

The College has worked collaboratively with employers in the industry to create new courses and facilities, which cater for these skills gaps, including Welding and Fabrication, Engineering Processes and Manufacturing. The specific high-tech workshops are based on industry facilities, preparing students for the workplace. These large, open plan areas include three engineering workshops, two construction workshops and six classrooms with state-of-the-art facilities. These resources will enable students, apprentices and the wider community to engage in training opportunities within the engineering and technology areas.

CI Business Solutions is the B2B arm of Colchester Institute, providing high quality training solutions for the needs of businesses in the Braintree and Colchester Districts.

We provide a wide range of training across a multitude of industries, and can help you or your business increase productivity, profits and workforce skills.

CI Business Solutions

Hire Our Facilities

Whether you want to host an event or take advantage of our many specialist facilities, our venue locations will provide you with everything you are looking for and more. The Conference Centre at the STEM Innovation Centre in Braintree is easily accessible by road or public transport and can be hired on an individual basis or as part of a tailor-made package at a competitive rate.

For further information on room capacity and charges or to place an enquiry for hire please contact our Venues and Facilities Team on (01206) 712111 or email


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