Marketing Strategies to help you

Continuing with your marketing activities in a depressed economy is essential. Commercially savvy companies are now investing in their marketing departments and realigning their marketing strategy.

Many businesses face unique challenges brought about by COVID-19; substantiating your presence is vital.

Your marketing strategy as a long-term resolution to guide you through this pandemic.

It’s crucial you maintain your presence and reassure your audience in a time of uncertainty – your marketing is an investment in your future. Persistence with your marketing plans is, now more than ever, paramount; helping enable future growth.

Campaigns that were postponed over the summer now need to be readjusted, re-designed and implemented.

Have you asked yourself how you need to market your business now? Do you need to adapt and how will you do that?

General uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic seems to be having an effect – campaigns are shorter, tone of voice gentler. Content creation takes time. Designing and building campaigns takes time. Implementation, measuring, monitoring and rigorous analysis all takes precious time.

But now is not the time to give up on your marketing activities.

Keep connected and connecting to your existing and potential customers

Hopefully, this pandemic can present opportunities for businesses.

If you are interested in developing your marketing team with a Digital Marketer apprentice – contact us now for further details. Together with generous government financial incentives paid direct to employers; it’s a win win opportunity.

Contact Denise, our Digital Marketer Course Leader, who will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail.

Digital Marketer apprenticeship at Colchester Institute

Employer information from Colchester Institute

Government incentives

  • £3,000 for 16-18 year olds
  • £3,000 for 19-24 year olds who have previously been in care or who have a Local Authority Education, Health and Care plan
  • £2,000 for 19-24 year olds
  • £1,500 for 25+ year olds