Colchester Institute Foundation Trust

Colchester Institute Foundation Trust (CIFT) is an independent charity which raises funds to benefit students residing in the catchment areas served by Colchester Institute, including students studying Further Education, Higher Education and Apprenticeships.

The principle purpose of CIFT is to benefit Colchester Institute / University Centre Colchester students who are experiencing financial hardship to the extent that they are struggling to participate at College / University and complete or achieve their qualifications.

In most cases students should first approach the College / UCC to see if funded support is available to them after which they can then submit an application to CIFT, see application form below,

Colchester Institute Foundation Trust awards can only be considered where a student can demonstrate commitment to their chosen course of study, some evidence of their financial circumstances, and that the impact of the award could mean the difference between them staying on the course or having to withdraw.

Please note that CIFT awards cannot be made for tuition fees.

Support for Apprentices

As apprentices are classed as being in full time employment, the College is unable to use government funds to support their expenses, this group of students are often the ones most in need of financial assistance as they, and their families, are unable to claim most state benefits. CIFT actively encourage applications from Apprentices.

Direct Solutions Travel Bursary

As part of the CIFT support for Apprentices there is a discrete bursary set aside for apprentices who would benefit from support with the costs of travelling to work and / or College. Please apply on the standard application form below.

Apply for an award from CIFT