Adult Learners (19+) – Financial Support

Colchester Institute Financial Support

For students with an identified low household income, there may be financial support available. Funds are targeted at course related costs such as travel, childcare, books and equipment.

Adult Learners (19+) Financial Support Documents

These guidelines apply if you are 19+ and taking a Level 1 or 2 course or 19-23 year old and taking your 1st Level 3 course:

19+ Bursary Application
19+ Childcare
19+ Policy
19+ Guidelines
19+ Support Fund Notes

Advanced Learner Loan Financial Support Documents

Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Application
Advanced Learner Loan Childcare
Advanced Learner Loan Policy
Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Guidelines
Advanced Learner Support Fund Notes

Care to Learn – childcare for students aged under 20 at the start of their course

Please note that an offer of an award from our funds does not guarantee or confirm your place on your chosen course. You can apply to the college support fund for an award prior to you accepting a place on your chosen course, enabling you to make an informed decision on whether or not to accept your place. All awards from the college support fund are dependent on you enrolling on your chosen course.

For queries and further information

Contact Student Services on (01206) 712078 or visit any campus for Student Finance information and advice.

  • Colchester Campus: (01206) 712078
  • Braintree Campus: (01206) 814194
  • Clacton Campus: (01206) 712234