How do I apply for a degree apprenticeship?

How you apply for a degree apprenticeship is dependent on whether or not you’re currently employed.

Unlike applying for a traditional degree programme which runs between fixed points within the year, there is no fixed cycle for making a degree apprenticeship application. The recruitment processes will normally begin at the start of the calendar year with studies commencing in September.

An Apprenticeship is a job. This means that employers are ultimately responsible for recruiting for the position, which includes how and where they advertise the vacancy. Organisations will normally start to advertise roles for degree apprenticeships from the previous autumn.

Both the employer and the training provider will need to be satisfied that applicants meet both the entry requirements for the course and the criteria for the role, with recruitment often being done jointly by the two parties.

Can I apply with my current employer?

If you’re in full-time employment with an organisation that can accommodate a degree apprenticeship, and would like to undertake one with your current employer, then we can help with the next steps.

Please ask your employer to complete our Employer enquiry form. We will then discuss with them about how they can integrate a degree apprenticeship into their business and support your studies.

Once your employer has confirmed that they can support the programme and that they are happy with your academic suitability to study for a degree through an apprenticeship, please use the ‘Apply Online’ button located in the next menu.

This will allow us to confirm your suitability, both academic and professional, for starting the programme.

How do I apply with a new employer?

If you’re not employed full-time or with a company that can fund and support a degree apprenticeship, then you’ll need to apply to undertake a degree apprenticeship with a company that can offer one.

You’ll follow their standard recruitment process and we’ll assess your academic suitability for the course once you’ve applied.

Where do I look for a degree apprenticeship vacancy?

Degree apprenticeship vacancies, created with companies we work with, are listed on our website as and when they become available.

You can also receive notifications for when our partner employers have any live vacancies in your industry by joining our Apprenticeship Talent Pool.

As with other apprenticeships, employers may choose to advertise their degree apprenticeship on the Gov.UK ‘Find an apprenticeship’ website, where you can search and apply directly for apprenticeships of interest:

‘Find an apprenticeship’ website.