Introducing UpayChilli

UpayChilli is a simple way to pay for food and drink at College using a valid student ID card rather than using cash. You can access the UpayChilli web site via a mobile app or online, and as a user you are given complete control.

This is open to all students who have enrolled at Colchester Institute and have a valid college ID card. You can use it yourself if you are a student, but as a parent you can also credit the account of your son or daughter. This doesn’t mean that the College won’t accept cash anymore, but this gives students and parents the chance to load credit onto the system, accessed by an ID card, as a safer and more secure way of paying.



The main advantage is not needing to carry a lot of money around, so no more scrabbling in your purse or wallet to find cash for lunch money, simply top up credit on line and then pay using your ID card.

As a user you can get a statement to monitor expenditure on line to see what has been spent/bought at any time, and the system can send you a reminder if credit is getting low so you don’t need to worry about running out.

This provides students, and staff, with options about how to pay – cash can still be used at any time but having credit with UpayChilli can always be there as a back-up option if needed.


We already use this ID system for some students who get Free Meals at College, this will continue and eligible students will still get £3.00 per timetabled day, but we know that sometimes this isn’t enough and students often use cash to top up their purchases.

If an account is set up with UpayChilli it can be used to top up the £3.00 allowance. We will always use the College money first before the top up credit so if a student buys something for £3.45, the first £3.00 will come from the College funds and 0.45p from the money on UpayChilli.


  • All ISS Outlets at Colchester Sheepen Road (including Starbucks)
  • The College at Braintree Refectory
  • 55 Degrees Coffee Shop, Colchester
  • The Shore Café at Clacton

Please note: At present this can’t be used at the CH&FS shop or restaurants.


This isn’t as bad as it may seem as the credit isn’t stored on the card itself, we just use the card as a way of paying. If a card is lost then notify the IT helpdesk straightway so that the card can be cancelled either by calling 01206 712222 or email IT.ServiceDesk@colchester.ac.uk

A replacement card costs £5.00 from Registry, once this is activated the UpayChilli credit will automatically transfer to the new card.


All students are expected to wear their ID and lanyards at all times, and will need this to access the College sites. The credit can only be used on presentation of a valid ID card which is registered to a UpayChilli Account, unfortunately no card means no credit that day.

How to set up a UpayChilli Account

How to set up a UpayChilli Account

To register for your UpayChilli Account go to www.upaychilli.com or download the UpayChilli App.

From here, please click on the ‘Register for a UpayChilli Account’ button. The Affiliate ID is COLINST and please use the Student ID printed on your student card.

You will then be prompted to confirm your details and will need to fill in the various sections as requested. If you are putting credit on someone else’s card (for example your son or daughter) you will need their student ID but your details. Please continue to complete the form and verify your account through the verification process. You will need to have access to either your mobile or your email to verify your account.

Once you receive your verification code, please enter it in to the designated box and click ‘confirm’. If you have not received this email, please check your spam folder or click resend email. Please then enter & confirm a secure password to use in the login process. This completes registration. Upon completion you will receive an email welcoming you to Colchester Institute’s online payments. You can log in online to find your balance and also a statement of your spending at any time.


Yes, this is possible, as long as the correct student ID number is used in all cases.


There are various ways you can top-up your account.

  • Pay as you go Top-Up (PAYG) is the conventional way of topping up your account. You can either Top-Up your account from the home screen or via Top-Up button in the navigation menu at the top of the screen.If this is your first time using PAYG top up on UpayChilli you will be asked to enter in new payment card details and you will be given the option of saving your card details on the system. When you next come to topping up, if you chose to save your card details you can choose your card as opposed to entering it again and proceed with Top-Up more speedily.
  • Auto Top-Ups This is an optional feature that tops-up your account when you hit a pre-set minimum amount, so that you never run out of money on your card.To sign up for Auto Top-Ups you, click the ‘Auto Top-Up tab from the Account menu. Then choose the Auto Top-Up option. You will then be asked to set a minimum Auto Top-up trigger amount. Once you have set your trigger amount, you will then need to set up your revalue amount. This is the amount that your account is topped-up by. Please choose from the amounts listed or enter a different value via the ‘Other’ button. There is a minimum amount of £30 that you can top up by and a maximum of £100.
  • Top-Up Reminders: This is an alternative option to Auto Top-ups. When your account reaches a pre-set minimum amount we will email you to let you know. After this point you will have to log in to www.upaychilli.com to top up your account manually.The minimum trigger amounts and the revalue amounts follow the same structure as Auto Top-Ups. When signing up for reminders, you will need to set your minimum trigger amount. Please choose from one of the options presented or enter a different value via the ‘Other’ button.


You are able to save your data securely with UpayChilli allowing you to benefit from a quicker process in topping up, both with PAYG and Auto Top-Up.

If you wish to add a top-up card, hover over the ‘Account’ tab and click on ‘My Top-Up Cards’.

You will be able to see limited information of any card details that are saved and can add or remove cards accordingly. If you wish to add card details to your account, tick the checkbox as illustrated below and click continue in order to begin the process. Please follow the instructions on screen.

In all cases the credit on your account should appear (including at the tills) within around 2 minutes of topping up.


You can view itemised statements of all expenditure to keep your spending on track and monitor your transactional history. You will also be able to see when you have added funds in to your account.

To review your statements:

  • Hover over ‘Account’ in the main navigation pane and click on ‘Statement’.
  • On the statements screen, you will see a drop down menu which will give you the option to review your expenditure in different time views.
      ○ The standard statement view is set to the last 30 days
      ○ You are also to review your purchases monthly, or by month to date.
  • The three icons on the right hand side of the statement represent a print, plus and minus icon.
      ○ The plus icon expands the statement to show your transaction details.
      ○ The minus icon shrinks the statement to show basic transactional details.


UpayChilli takes the privacy of your personal information and your data security very seriously. They follow payment industry standards to ensure your data and funds are safe.

UpayChilli is a service created by Uniware Systems Ltd. Their Data Protection Policy can be found on their corporate web site: Data Protection Policy


If you need help at any time from our UpayChilli site, you can either look through the FAQs on the ‘User Guide and FAQ’ tab in the ‘Account Menu’ or you can contact them directly. To contact, please click on the ‘Help’ hyperlink in the footer of the UpayChilli webpage or email at helpdesk@upaychilli.com

UpayChilli welcome feedback so they can continually strive to improve the end-user experience. The feedback tab can be found on the footer of their webpages.


On leaving Colchester Institute, or if you wish to close your UPayChilli account, you may obtain a refund from UPayChilli. The maximum refund limit is £50.00.

The refund will automatically be processed on closing your account. Any credit remaining can be refunded to the card associated with your account

To close your account:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go into the Menu options
  3. Select the Settings option
  4. In the next screen select Close Account
  5. Click on the Confirm button and follow the instructions provided

Please note, it remains the account holder’s responsibility to ensure that any balances over £50.00 are reduced before closing their UPayChilli account.

This is because funds in excess of the £50.00 limit cannot be refunded.