Getting Ready to study Sport at College

The ‘Getting Ready’ list below gives you resources and activities you can do to get ready for when your course starts at College in September. We have picked resources and activities you can access online and we have some suggestions of other resources in the ‘Going Further’ section too.

Getting Ready to study Sport
  1. Research the recommended activity levels for Under 5s, 5-18, 19-64 and 65+ year olds. Take notes of your findings ready for September.
  2. Produce an instruction video to share with friends and family for how to stay physically fit at home. Keep your recording(s) safe.
  3. Design a set of Fit in 5 activities that can be done in small spaces. For example, a dynamic 5-minute workout video. Keep your recording(s) safe.
Going Further to study Sport
  1. Watch a clip from the Crossfit games. Identify what components of fitness are being used and give examples. Design and produce a written copy of your own Crossfit games that uses each component of fitness and can be done at home in limited space. This needs to be no more than 400 words.
  2. Identify and list what you think you might struggle with whilst studying a sports course at CI and what actions/strategies you could do to overcome these struggles.