Getting Ready to study Skills for Enterprise at College

The ‘Getting Ready’ list below gives you resources and activities you can do to get ready for when your course starts at College in September.

Getting Ready to study Skills for Enterprise

On this course we cover a lot of areas relating to selling products and services as well as providing good customer service. We will look at the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of a successful business working with customers.

You might find the following links helpful – there are some information pages, videos and quizzes that you can try to see the kinds of things we’ll be studying on this course.

Customer service, marketing a product/service and the marketing mix:

Why customer satisfaction is important:

Good customer service – why it’s important and how to provide it:

Selling online, and the use of social media in customer service/business:

Legislation and regulations (click on blue heading for each box to read more):