Getting Ready to study Public Services at College

The ‘Getting Ready’ list below gives you resources and activities you can do to get ready for when your course starts at College in September. We have picked resources and activities you can access online and we have some suggestions of other resources in the ‘Going Further’ section too.

Getting Ready to study Public Services
  • Watch “real-life” documentaries about the public services; ensure you do this over a wide range rather than just focussing on the public service you are interested in.
  • Research physical entry requirements for the public services online and visit relevant services websites to research and learn their roles, responsibilities and what the current and any future deployments may be. This could include new equipment and vehicles, for example.
  • Write a brief introduction (using ICT) about why you want to join the course and any concerns or worries you may have. Save this document and keep it for when we see you in September.
  • If not doing so already, undertake daily physical exercise which should ideally be cardio vascular based activities, such as running and cycling, along with some upper body work (press ups, sit ups). The services, particularly the armed forces, have physical exercise at the centre of their core function, so you should adopt this as a feature of your lifestyle with this in mind and as part of your general health and wellbeing.
Going Further to study Public Services

Actively consider at least one of the following activities to assist you with future careers prospects, your CV, public skills and general physical and mental wellbeing:

  • Join cadets or some form of youth organisation that promotes teamwork-based values
  • Join or take up a sporting activity/team in your spare time
  • Undertake some voluntary work
  • Get a part-time job (16 hours a week maximum) where you interact with others