Getting Ready to study Electrical Installations at College

The ‘Getting Ready’ list below gives you resources and activities you can do to get ready for when your course starts at College in September. We have picked resources and activities you can access online and we have some suggestions of other resources in the ‘Going Further’ section too.

Getting Ready to study Electrical Installations

We highly recommend watching some videos on YouTube, in particular a YouTuber called Thomas Nagy.

There are countless videos that are informative and fun covering all aspects of the industry and will give you a good understanding of what the day to day life of an electrician is like:

Accuracy is key within the industry; for that reason, researching measuring techniques and conversions from meters to millimetres would be a beneficial to you as well as transposition of formula. You will be required to wear safety boots in the practical workshop so start thinking about getting a pair. I would recommend Screwfix.

The electrical team highly recommend purchasing the course textbook to aid your studies (pictured below):

City & Guilds Electrical Installations book picture for the 'Getting Ready' page

The City & Guilds Textbook: Book 1 Electrical Installations (ISBN: 978 1 5104 3224 6)

Going Further to study Electrical Installations

When College begins in September many of you will be looking to gain an electrical apprenticeship. This is something that the College encourage so starting to build a CV will maximise your chances of gaining employment. Research what a CV should look like and start to think about building one.

Start researching the Health and Safety requirements of the industry (the text book will be very helpful) and familiarise yourself with regulations around the topic.

Because you cannot see electricity the only way that it can be acknowledged is through maths, therefore, having a basic understanding of Ohm’s law would greatly aid you, please use the link below and have a go at transposing the formula.