Getting Ready to study Brickwork at College

The ‘Getting Ready’ list below gives you resources and activities you can do to get ready for when your course starts at College in September. We have picked resources and activities you can access online and we have a suggestion of another strong resource in the ‘Going Further’ section too.

Getting Ready to study Brickwork
  • Take a look at this YouTube page which has lots of useful videos and tutorials, shot by our very own staff.
  • Learn your 75 times table. We use this to measure courses of bricks (called ‘gauge’).
  • Familiarise yourself with a tape measure. In construction we measure things in millimetres (mm), not centimetres (cm). Find the 75mm and 150mm marks, then go up in 75mm intervals. Remember there are 100mm to every 10cm. If you need help, this YouTube clip could be useful.
Going Further to study Brickwork

• Get a copy of the Level 1 textbook by City & Guilds:

The City & Guilds Textbook: Level 1 Diploma in Bricklaying (ISBN: 978 0851 9326 6 8)