GCSE November Exam Information

If you are unhappy with the overall grade received for your GCSE English or Mathematics result issued on 25th August 2022 and wish to be entered for a resit in November 2022, please see the information below for dates, prices and to make an application.

Please note: We do not accept private candidates for GCSE examinations.

Exam Dates

31st October 2022GCSE English Paper 1
1st November 2022GCSE Maths Paper 1
2nd November 2022GCSE English Paper 2
3rd November 2022GCSE Maths Paper 2
7th November 2022GCSE Maths Paper 3

Exam Cost:

The cost of the November re-sit is £55.00 per subject.

If you would like to re-sit both Maths and English you will need to complete 2 online forms and pay for re-sits for both subjects.

If you go on to achieve a grade 4 or above in your November GCSE resit we will refund your resit fee if you did not have a grade 4 already.

****November GCSE Re-sit bookings have now closed****


Please note that you must have completed the form(s) above and made payment by Tuesday 20th September 2022.

If you are enrolled for GCSE English and/or Mathematics as part of your 2022/23 timetable and are considering entering for a resit in November 2022:

As part of college policy, if you are enrolled to attend GCSE English and/or Mathematics as part of your timetable for 2022/23 and follow the steps below to enter yourself to resit in November 2022 you will still be expected to attend your timetabled GCSE classes until the results day in January 2023. If on the January results day you achieve grade 9-4 you will be removed from the GCSE timetable. If you do not achieve grade 9-4 you will continue to attend your GCSE classes and will be entered for the June 2023 examinations free of charge.

If you would like to speak to a member of the GCSE Team for advice and guidance about GCSE November Resits please email GCSE.Admin@colchester.ac.uk with your name, contact details and whether you want to talk about Maths, English or both and  a member of the team will call you.