Exam Dates

Exam Dates 2022/23

The assessment methods for Further Education courses will vary from course to course, not all of these will have formal exams, but many will. Course tutors will advise how students are assessed, and will support them to prepare for and be ready to sit exams where these take place.

In many cases, exam and assessment dates will be organised by the College to suit the needs of the course and the readiness of students, but some courses undertake national public exams which are on the same date and times for everyone and these cannot be changed, these include GCSEs and BTEC qualifications.

GCSE exams Summer 2023

All GCSE exams start at 9.30am and students should aim to arrive by 8.45am at the latest.

ExamDateStart TimeDuration
GCSE English   
GCSE English Paper 1Monday 5th June 20239.30am1 hour 45 minutes
GCSE English Paper 2Monday 12th June 20239.30am1 hour 45 minutes
GCSE Maths   
GCSE Maths Paper 1 (Non-Calculator)Friday 19th May 20239.30am1 hour 30 minutes
GCSE Maths Paper 2 (Calculator)Wednesday 7th June 20239.30am1 hour 30 minutes
GCSE Maths Paper 3 (Calculator)Wednesday 14th June 20239.30am1 hour 30 minutes

Exam Contingency Days

It is important that you are available for all of your exam dates including the exam contingency days listed below.  In the event that an exam cannot take place due to significant disruption, it will be rescheduled to one of these dates so please avoid taking any holidays until after this date.  

8th June (afternoon)

15th June (afternoon)

28th June (all day)

Non-GCSE Summer Exam Series 2023

All other exams, including BTEC Nationals, take place across the Summer term (mainly in May and June 2023). Your tutor will confirm which exams you have been entered for, when and where these exams will take place and what equipment you will need to bring.

These are national exams which means that the dates and times cannot be changed.