Exam Access Arrangements

Students who are entitled to Exam Access Arrangements will usually have already had these at school. It is really important that we know about these arrangements at the start of the course. To allow fair and equal access to examinations and assessments, applications for access arrangements have to be submitted to the exam board well in advance and it can take time to provide evidence of need.

The type of access arrangements that can be put in place can vary depending on your requirements but can include: a reader, scribe, computer reader, extra time, prompt, separate or smaller room and exam papers in suitable formats (such as large print or coloured paper). Arrangements put in place must be based on evidenced need, and on the student’s normal way of working whilst at College.

In most cases students will need to meet with a member of our Specialist Support Team to carry out an assessment of need to identify whether arrangements in place at school are still relevant, or to carry out a formal Exam Access Arrangement assessment. Students will be offered appointments for these assessments through their emails and teaching staff, the responsibility to attend lies with the students and if they do not attend more than one booked appointment they may miss the opportunity for this assessment.

The deadline for applying for Exam Access Arrangements for the Summer exam series 2022 is 31st March 2022.