Exam Access Arrangements

Exam Access Arrangements (EAAs) are adaptions made to allow students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) fair and equal access to examinations and formal assessments. Students who are entitled to EAAs will usually have already had these at school. All students must declare their need for EAAs within the first six weeks of their college course to allow for the correct referrals and assessments to be made, and for requests to be submitted to the relevant exam board to meet their deadlines.

EAAs which can be put in place will vary according to individual requirements but could include: a reader, scribe, computer reader, extra time, prompt, separate or smaller room and exam papers in suitable formats (such as large print or coloured paper). Arrangements put in place must be based on evidenced need, and on the student’s normal way of working whilst at College. If a student does not make use of EAAs in examinations these may be removed for subsequent examinations, in consultation with the student.

In most cases students will need to meet with a member of our Specialist Support Team to review their normal way of working and / or carry out an assessment of need to identify whether arrangements put in place at school are still relevant, or to carry out a formal Exam Access Arrangement assessment. Students will be notified of appointments for these assessments through their college emails; the responsibility to attend lies with the student and if they do not attend more than two booked appointments their EAA request will be declined.


For the 2022/23 academic year the deadline for notifying the need for Exam Access Arrangements to Colchester Institute was Friday 21st October 2022. *

Where additional information is required to assess or process an application for Exam Access Arrangements, for example evidence from a medical professional or specialist, this must be provided to Colchester Institute by Friday 4th November 2022.*

Failure to meet these deadlines, or a student not attending their booked assessment appointments, will result in EAAs being declined.  

*In cases of a newly identified specific learning difficulty or where a student has a temporary illness or injury at the time of the examination, the College can review cases on an individual basis.

Please read the Colchester Institute Exam Access Arrangement Policy for more information: