What our Students say

Annie Wright, Public Services Level 3

"I want to be a Police Officer and the course has allowed me to research the various job opportunities and has helped me with the application process for the Special Constabulary."

Michael Momodu, Public Services Level 3

"The course has made me feel independent as they treat you like an adult. The tutors and fellow students, from diverse backgrounds, are like a community and are all very supportive."

Georgina Christie, Public Services Level 3

"I chose this course because it would give me knowledge and skills, such as expedition, team work and communication that could help me get into my intended career."

Harry Lovell Murphy, Public Services Level 3

"As a course ambassador I have been able to tell secondary school students about my experience on this course, what I want to become in the future and how I will achieve my career and life goals."

Ellie Ebsworth-Pote, Public Services Level 3

"The best thing is that it isn’t all classroom based. We spend time in the gym and take part in many trips. I particularly enjoyed my experiences with the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines."

Billy Moules, Public Services Level 3

"I enjoy the practicality of the course and how it is coursework based, meaning there’s no pre-exam stress. I plan to join the Army Reserves, alongside a police apprenticeship."