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What our Students Say

Max Ridley, Vehicle Accident and Repair Level 2

"Colchester Institute has very good facilities for a variety of subjects, especially for Motor Vehicle. I like how it's very hands on as well as classroom based. All of the tutors are very friendly too."

Jak Allibon, Motor Vehicle Level 3

"The course is varied and never boring. Every day there are new things to learn. I’ve gained the confidence to work independently and the experience to prepare for a successful career. If you are really interested in motor mechanics I’d recommend this course."

Daniel Dorman, Vehicle Accident Repair & Paint Level 2

"The open event solidified my interest in the course. The tutors are passionate about their fields of work which makes the lessons much more immersive. The facilities are good and provide a realistic well-equipped setting."

Ian Wilks, Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Level 2

"Practising my skills on a range of cars has been a great experience. The tutors are knowledgeable and supportive, and they’ve enabled me to have confidence in what I do. "

Charlie Wheeler, Vehicle Accident Repair Level 3

"The most fascinating thing about my course at Colchester Institute is spraying the cars and perfecting this skill without any problems. The courses are really good and everyone is helpful and kind."

Josh Byamungu, Motor Vehicle Level 3

"I like the challenge of the course, whether it’s learning new things or exploring what I’ve already covered but in much greater depth. There are so many elements to motor mechanics and there is always something different to learn."