What our Students Say

Lisa-Marie Prior, Health and Social Care Level 3

"I chose to study at Colchester Institute because I could study one course in greater depth. The new facilities are really nice because there’s different types of classrooms, so its nice to have a change of environment. I really like all the experiences I’m getting especially my work placement."

Grace Walton, Health and Social Care Level 3

"Choosing to study the Health and Social Care course at Colchester Institute is one of the best decisions I have made. I am a completely changed person, with a positive outlook on life and the confidence, knowledge and skills to never stop working until I reach my goal."

Ben Campbell, Health and Social Care Level 3

"The course provided work experience which meant we actually experienced what working in this sector was like, we also covered Psychology, Sociology, Anatomy and Physiology. I am going to the University of Suffolk in February to study Paramedic Science."

Brooke Millward, Health and Social Care Level 2

"There is a wide range of opportunities at Colchester Institute. I like socialising with people and learning new topics in health and social care, my course leader has been been really helpful too."

Stephanie Magill, Health and Social Care Level 3

"What I like most about studying here is the facilities, they’re better than anywhere else and the opportunities here are amazing! My favourite room is the demonstration room as you get to see and learn everything practically so when you go into the workplace its much easier to adjust to."

Ariann Rowley, Health and Social Care Level 3

"Colchester Institute offered the best course for my future. I like the variety of courses available and the support you get when it's needed. I also really like the social aspects of the course such as work experience."