GCSE Exam Resit Information

All full-time students re-taking GCSE English Language or Mathematics as part of their main study programme will automatically be entered for the exams which take place in the Summer Term 2020, and timetabled for GCSE classes from late September.

National exam board timetables for GCSE English Language or Mathematics begin on Monday 11th May 2020 and finish by Friday 19th June 2020. GCSE Contingency Day – in the event of national or local disruption to exams will take place on Wednesday 24th June 2020.

Individual timetables for GCSE Exams will be communicated out nearer the time however it is important that you avoid taking any holiday during term time.

GCSE results will be published on Thursday 20th August 2020.

If you are unhappy with your GCSE English Language or Mathematics result issued on GCSE results day in August, you can resit the following November.

Further information about November resits for 2020-21 will be available below upon the publication of results in August.