GCSE Exam Resit Information

All students enrolled on GCSE English Language or Mathematics will automatically be entered for the exam in June 2020 as part of their study programme, and timetabled for GCSE classes from 23rd September.

However, if you wish to pay to enter for a resit in November 2019 please read the information below:

If you are unhappy with your GCSE English Language or Mathematics result issued on 22nd August 2019, you can resit in November 2019.

Further information can be viewed and payment can be made via the college Online Store from Monday 9th September**** (details later on this page).

****The payment deadline for a November resit is Monday 23rd September****

Criteria students must meet to be eligible for entry onto GCSE Mathematics and/or English Language resit exams in November 2019:

  • Results must have been published on 22nd August 2019
  • Result achieved must have been a numerical grade 9-1
  • Enrolled with Colchester Institute (at any campus) on a course for 2019-20

Available for GCSE English Language and Mathematics qualifications with OCR, Edexcel and AQA. Please note that we are unable to offer GCSE resits.

Please note that GCSE examinations can only take place at the Colchester or Braintree campuses. As part of the Online Store application process you will have to indicate which campus you will attend to sit your exam. Once the entry has been made, the campus cannot be changed. Students attending courses in Clacton who enter themselves for November resits will have to make arrangements to make their own way to the appropriate campus for all of their November GCSE exam dates.

Did you know? If you haven’t already achieved GCSE English Language and/or GCSE Mathematics at grade 4, that if you get a grade 4 or above in your November resit we will refund the cost of the resit fee!

Important information:

If you are enrolled for GCSE English Language and/or Mathematics as part of your 2019/20 timetable and are considering entering for a resit in November 2019:

As part of college policy, if you are enrolled to attend GCSE English Language and/or Mathematics as part of your timetable for 2019/20 and follow the steps below to enter yourself to resit in November 2019 you will still be expected to attend your timetabled GCSE classes until the results day in January 2020. If on the January results day you achieve grade 9-4 you will be removed from the GCSE timetable. If you do not achieve grade 9-4 you will continue to attend your GCSE classes and will be entered for the June 2020 examinations free of charge.

How Exams will communicate with you about your entry:

In October, emails will be sent to the student’s personal and college email address recorded in the college system, not the email address used to submit the entry payment (unless they happen to be the same).

Please be aware that there are no opportunities to resit GCSE exams in January.

Applications will NOT be processed without confirmation of payment through the Online Store system.

Accessing Online Store

You can access the online store from any PC connected to the internet by clicking here. You will be able to view available products, which provide further information and payment options.

Follow the on screen prompts to pay for your resit – there is a Help & Information section to help you.

You now either need to create your account or login to your existing account.

To create an account you will need

  • student I.D. number ( 7 digits) found on your id card under the photo
  • home address post code and house number
  • an email address that the purchase confirmation will be sent to
  • you will need to input a password that you will be able to remember

Payment options

Mastercard, Visa & Delta. There is also a Paypal option. American Express is not accepted.

Want to pay by Cheque/Cash?

It is preferred that the card/PayPal option is used as much as possible for payments during Aug/Sept as there could be long queues to make payment during enrolment periods.

You need to:

  • follow the steps above to login, and make a purchase using Online Store – get everything ready and add it to your shopping basket, you just don’t make payment online.
  • visit Registry at Colchester campus, or The Information Centre at Braintree campus with your cheque or cash. Advise that you have something in your Online Shopping Basket that you would like to pay for with their help. Your payment can be taken and an administration login to Online Store will be used to process your purchase.